Emma Katherine

I get quite emotional when I think about how old Emma is getting.  It really seems like yesterday that she was my only baby and we were navigating the new road of Parenthood.  This girl has completely changed my world in a very positive way.  

Emma is so unique, so precious.  I love every little thing about her.  Don’t get me wrong, we have our struggles, but man I wouldn’t change a thing about her.  

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It is impossible to describe Emma in words.  You really just have to get to know her for yourself.  But… for journaling purposes I want to try to put into words what she is like at this age.  Robin and I often say that Emma is like a cat… she is extremely hard to get to know but once you get on her “good side” she will be your best friend!    There are a good number of people that Emma has never talked to including her Uncle Craig, several men at church, and our Pediatrician.  They have tried and tried to get Emma to talk but she won’t budge.   I think it has become a challenge to Emma to see if she can NOT talk to them.  And trust me, we can’t make her talk!  Some people ask us if she ever talks.  Oh my, trust me she does.  At home, we can’t get her to stop talking!!!

Emma is an introvert, she is a homebody and she gains energy by doing things by herself.  She is an avid reader but she loves math just as much.  You can often find her in our house either in her room or our craft room- she will be working on a craft project that she came up with, coloring, reading, or pretending.  She can pretend with the best of them!  She loves to play school.  

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She is the perfect big sister to two little brothers.  She cares for them like their second Mom.  Often, Foster and Cash listen to Emma before they listen to me!  If Foster is upset or throwing a massive fit, Emma can usually get him to calm down.  She knows the way to his heart.  In addition to caring for her brothers she is very caring to others as well.  If someone in her class is upset she is always the first to recognize it.  When she is laying in bed at night she will tell me about a student that was sad, or a person on the playground that seemed sad.  She always wants to make other people feel better.  I have a feeling she may end up in a profession that cares for others.  

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She is a loyal friend- once you become friends with Emma she will do anything for you.   Emma is very timid in new situations but once she makes friends, she is quite comfortable hanging out with them… and she still remembers friends from when she was 18 months old… she still wants to invite friends from her very first preschool class to her Birthday parties.   She has several good friends at church, in our neighborhood, and in her class at school.  

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She is very inquisitive and likes to understand the way things work.  Often, her questions blow me out of the water.  On more than one occasion Emma has asked me to google something if I don’t know the answer. :)

I would say that she’s a Daddy’s girl because she absolutely adores Robin.  She soaks up every second of quality time her Daddy and loves to go on special dates with him.  I would say that she likes him the best but if I’m being honest, I think she loves Mommy just as much. :)  She loves to organize things with me, cook with me, paint her nails, etc.   Really, she just loves quality time with both of us.  

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Lastly, Emma is one of the absolutely silliest people I have ever met.  Only people close to Emma have seen that side of her but just trust me, she is so hilarious!  Usually in the evenings, she lets her silly side out.  She loves to dance very quirky, tell jokes, and play tricks on us.  

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I’m sure I haven’t really even scratched the surface in describing Emma Katherine.  She is wonderfully complex and I love everything about her.  I thank God daily for the blessing she is to me. 

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