First Snow Day of the Season!

We had our first big snow of the season on December 5th and 6th… we were so excited to have several days off from school.  December is such a busy time for us, I will always welcome a couple of stay-at-home days in December.  This was Cash’s first time to really experience snow!  I bundled him up as warmly as possible and only let him stay outside for about 2 minutes total before bringing him inside to stay with Daddy in the heated house.  Here are our 3 little snow bunnies…

IMG 2622

IMG 2632

IMG 2637


Cash is thinking, “What is this white cold stuff?”  

IMG 2643


Making a snow angel

IMG 2644


Can you see Cash watching the big kids out the window?  

IMG 2653


Sledding time.  The kids absolutely love to sled.  We have a tiny hill between our house and our neighbor’s house.  We decided not to venture to any big sledding spots because our kids were perfectly content to sled this hill over and over again AND they could carry their own sleds back up the “hill.”  Smart parents, huh?  Foster and Emma took turns pushing each other.  

IMG 2662

IMG 2674

IMG 2695

IMG 2702

IMG 2704

IMG 2710

IMG 2741


We had so much fun with all of the neighbor kids.  It was SOOOO cold that day so the fun only lasted for a little bit before everyone was ready to go inside and warm up! 

IMG 2756

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