Foster’s 4th Birthday Party

We had Foster’s 4th Birthday Party at The Little Gym on Saturday, November 16th at The Little Gym.  This was Foster’s first real “friend” party and he was excited about it for weeks.  We had some minor issues with the service during the party but the ultimate outcome was that Foster had a great time… and that is all that really matters!  

The smiles on Foster’s face in these pictures will reflect that he had a great time with his friends!

IMG 1985  1

IMG 1991


Foster running with his friends Nicholas and Landon

IMG 2009

IMG 2033


The big sisters: Emma and Aubrey

IMG 2035
IMG 2053


Aunt Judy keeping Cash occupied!

IMG 2087

IMG 2110

IMG 2137

IMG 2153

IMG 2168



Foster running with LathanIMG 2191



Nana helping Foster on the balance beamIMG 2208

IMG 2214  1

IMG 2253

IMG 2256

IMG 2260

IMG 2267

IMG 2277


Pizza time!

IMG 2289

IMG 2293


Foster requested a monster truck cake!

IMG 2308

IMG 2316


Our neighbor Brent entertained Cash for a little while…

IMG 2346


Foster showing his monster truck to Landon

IMG 2321  1


Gift time!

IMG 2379

IMG 2380


Emma was a big helper opening gifts!

IMG 2385


Foster handed out these adorable monster truck cookies at the end of the party… they were made by my talented friend, Candace.  Thank you Candace for the amazing cookies!  They were a hit!

IMG 2493IMG 2410  1

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