Foster’s School Christmas Program

Foster’s school Christmas program was on Wednesday, December 18th (Emma’s Birthday!)  

The program was so adorable and we were so proud of Foster for smiling so sweet and singing all of the songs on stage.  Both Mommy and Daddy were able to be there for this special day.  Here are a few pictures from the program…Foster is at the very top left

IMG 3703

IMG 3759


After the program we took a couple of pictures of Foster and his buddies.  Here are: Nicolas, Foster, and Lathan

IMG 3774


Nicolas and Foster

IMG 3780


Sweet 4 year old Foster

IMG 3789
IMG 3795


After the program, taking some pictures by the Nativity Scene

IMG 3805

IMG 3813

Foster getting a “high-five” from his teacher Mrs. Fondell, we love her! 
IMG 3819
Mommy and Foster
IMG 3825
After the program Mommy and Foster went a little date since I had gotten a babysitter for Cash.  We went to Louie’s and had a nice little lunch together.  I cherish one-on-time with this precious boy.  
IMG 3834

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