Last Soccer game of the Season

On November 14, 2013 Emma had her last soccer game of the season.  We are so proud of her for making the strides that she did in soccer this year!

We aren’t sure yet if soccer is going to be a long-term thing.  There were many weeks that Emma asked if she could stay home from practice or a game, but we were always able to convince her to go.  We are so proud of her for attending every practice (2 every week) and every game (each Saturday.)  Even when she wasn’t feeling 100%, even when it was pouring rain, Emma gave it her all. :) 

Emma is a great runner and does a fantastic job with the drills each week at practice.  When it comes game time, however, Emma gets a little scared of the ball.  Bless her heart, I remember being terrified of the ball when I was her age too!  We’ve been told that with time her confidence will increase and she will become more aggressive.  She agreed to sign up for Spring Indoor Soccer which will start in January.

We are so thankful for her team- the Thunderbolts! 2 of the girls are from her class at school and the 2 coaches were great with Emma. 

Here are some great pictures (that DADDY took!) on Emma’s last day of soccer this year. 

IMG 1601

IMG 1636  1

IMG 1648  1


Here is the referee going over the roster before the game…

IMG 1622

IMG 1664


Practicing before the game

IMG 1679

IMG 1672

IMG 1682

IMG 1685

IMG 1688

IMG 1691

IMG 1689

IMG 1693


Waiting on the sidelines

IMG 1768


IMG 1773


Coach Vance

IMG 1774


IMG 1786

IMG 1804


IMG 1810

IMG 1819



IMG 1822

IMG 1823


IMG 1828



After looking at these pictures I realize we needed to pull Emma’s socks up farther- what a fashion faux pas to have her shin guards showing! IMG 1865


IMG 1898

IMG 1907


This picture cracks me up (and breaks my heart at the same time.)  During the 2nd to last game of the week Emma got hit in the face very hard with a soccer ball…which led to a lot of tears and a lot of blood!  Needless to say she was  little jumpy during the next game any time the ball was in the air and coming her general direction!!!

IMG 1929


Coach helping Emma plant her feet for a throw-in

IMG 1936

IMG 1941


IMG 1946

IMG 1949


IMG 1959


After the game the parents and older siblings form a bridge for the players to run through… this is a fun tradition that the girls love.

IMG 1977


IMG 1980


I wish I had a picture of Emma’s fan club.  Each week she had multiple family members at the game to cheer her on… even during the 100 degree heat, rain, and blustery cold weather!  Thank you to Nana, Judy, Ron, Sarah, Jamey, Boom, Gigi, and Pops for coming to cheer on Emma!

Foster was a great big brother at the games.  He alternating between watching Emma and playing a little soccer of his own!  

IMG 1598  1


IMG 1743

IMG 1873

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