Pancakes and Pajamas Party

I can not believe my 1st baby turned SEVEN in December!  Emma has been asking every year for the past 3 years if she could have a Birthday party at our house.  I’m not sure why she wanted to have it home- other than she is just a ‘home body’ and her favorite place to be is HOME.  Obviously there was no way I could have her party at home last year since I had a NEWborn at home.  So I put on my big girl panties and told her we would have her party at home this year…. in the middle of December… 2 weeks before Christmas. :)  To say this added some stress to my month would be an understatement BUT the stress was totally worth it to see my Emma having a ball with her friends at our house on the morning of December 14th.  Me and Emma were looking for an idea for a theme on Pinterest and we saw so many great ideas but her absolute favorite was Pancakes and Pajamas. 

My friend Jamey wrote in colored chalk on my chalkboard…

IMG 3073


I really wanted the girls to all be able to eat at the same table and I wanted to make the table feel kind of ‘fancy.’  The table is ours but we rarely pull it out to its full length.  I borrowed the tablecloth from my Mom.  After we started putting various random chairs around the table I just wasn’t liking the way it looked.  I ended up renting the little white chairs for a very reasonable price from a store in Tulsa and I loved the way it turned out!  

IMG 2777


I used glass milk bottles for their drink glasses.  I tied lime green tulle and red and white baker’s twine around each glass.  I used circle labels to put their name on each glass.  I loved the red and white striped paper straws- from Target.  The cupcake themed plates, napkins, banners, and laterns were from Oriental Trading  I loved that they had red, green, and pink in them- perfect for a Birthday party close to Christmas!

IMG 2781


IMG 2796

IMG 2799


Pictures taken before the party… Foster stayed for the party, such a loving little brother. :) He wore pajamas too! 

IMG 2814


IMG 2826  1

IMG 2834  1


IMG 2853

IMG 2864

IMG 2869


I am forever grateful to my Mom and Aunt Judy for helping so much during the party!  Here they are preparing last minute things for the breakfast.  My friend Jamey was also a humongous help throughout the party.  She helped me with the craft, crowd control, and getting the party favors together! 

IMG 2871


Here are the drink options:  Milk, Strawberry Milk, Orange juice, and water.  Most of the girls picked strawberry milk. :)

IMG 2877


Here are a few of the other things we served in addition to pancakes.  Strawberry, grape, and marshmallow skewers, and sprinkle donut holes (from Walmart!)

IMG 2878



Some of the pancake toppings: powdered sugar, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, sprinkles, cool whip, bananas, strawberries, blueberries.  Can we say SUGAR HIGH????IMG 2879


As the girls arrived they each took a picture with Emma in their cute pajamas.  I purchased these photo props from Oriental Trading.  They were a huge hit- the girls knew just what to do with them!  

IMG 2884

IMG 2896

IMG 2903


I won’t post all of the pics of the girls here but they were all cute. :)

After the girls took a picture with Emma they made a “fruit loop necklace” at the table in the kitchen.   Emma wrote on the little chalkboard sign.  I loved the way the girls necklaces turned out! 

IMG 2806

I am so disappointed that I didn’t get a picture of Daddy cooking the pancakes.  He was our chef for the day!  We had the pancake batter ready when the girls got there but he didn’t start cooking them until right after the girls started arriving.  We wanted them to be hot when the girls ate.  He made about 40-50 pancakes within about 20 minutes!  They were so yummy, he did a fantastic job!  

Her are the girls in line to get their pancakes… we sang Happy Birthday to Emma after she fixed her pancakes.  She only wanted butter and syrup on her pancakes!  

IMG 2924


Here are all of the girls at the table after they made their plates- such a great group of girls- some from her class at school, some from church, some neighbors. 

IMG 2932


After the girls ate they made a little cupcake ornament craft.  This may have been insane to try with 12 girls considering it included GLITTER, but the ornaments turned out really cute! 

IMG 2938

IMG 2988


At one point the girls ended up in our craft room and started coloring.  

IMG 2946

IMG 2950

IMG 2963

IMG 2966

IMG 2983


After Daddy was all finished cooking up the pancakes and taking a quick breather, he read the girls a story in the living room.  He read, “If You Give a Pig a Pancake.”  Emma’s Daddy is pretty much her favorite person on earth so it was very important to include him in the party. :)

IMG 3008

IMG 2998


Gift time… Emma opened gifts in the dining room by the little white Christmas tree.  Emma got so many nice gifts- she was so excited to have so many new fun things to play with! 

IMG 3017

IMG 3023

IMG 3040

IMG 3055


Cash stayed in his high chair through the entire party!  I would say I feel badly about that but he really seemed to enjoy himself!  He got to watch everything but wasn’t able to make messes everywhere. :)

IMG 3058

IMG 3084


Here are the party gifts all lined up…  We had such a great time at the party.  I was about ready to collapse when it was over, but I would do it all over again for Emma.  

IMG 3250


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