Soccer Camp

Over the Winter Break we enrolled Emma and Foster in soccer camp at soccer city.   Nana paid for half and we paid for the other half.  

This was Foster’s first time to do any activity like this and he absolutely loved it!  Emma has played one season of soccer and we thought a week of camp might help her improve her skills before starting the Spring season.  They were excited to go to camp together.  Emma had a rough time going the 2nd and 3rd days- she said she didn’t want to go.  After we got her though there, she did ok.  



The age ranges for the camp was very wide!  I think it was for ages 3-14.  They started as a big group and then broke off into smaller groups by ages.  

IMG 4429

IMG 4431

IMG 4441

IMG 4446

IMG 4447

IMG 4452

IMG 4454

IMG 4483


Every time they played a game like Car Lot, Emma and Foster always chased each other. :)

IMG 4487

IMG 4500
IMG 4509

IMG 4512

IMG 4525

IMG 4542

Overall I would say that the camp was a good experience.  I’m guessing we couldn’t talk Emma into going again but you never know! 

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