Thanksgiving Feast at Emma’s School

Right before Thanksgiving break Emma had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school.  Each family was told to bring a “picnic lunch” to enjoy in the classroom.  Our picnic lunch was from Chick-Fil-A, per Emma’s request!  

The 1st graders were at Art class when we arrived in the classroom so we had some time to look at around at some of the kids’ school work.  

Here is a display of the kids’ adorable home projects for the month of November.  The kids were told to make a clothespin doll pilgrim representing part of their family heritage.  Emma’s pilgrim was named “Effie Montgomery”, after my Great-Grandmother on my Dad’s side of the family.  I just loved all of the creativity here… some of the pilgrims were so impressive!

IMG 0003


Here is a close-up of “Effie” along with the write up that Emma filled out.  On the far right is an actual picture of my Great Grandmother, Effie Montgomery.  It was really neat to to get to talk to Emma about ancestors on both sides of our family.  She was very into this project!

IMG 2284


Here are some more of her classmate’s pilgrims…

IMG 0005


I thought this was a cute activity also… the kids made a turkey that was color-coded to match their preferences and traditions regarding Thanksgiving.

Emma’s turkey in code states that she:

* Will eat dessert

* Will go away for Thanksgiving… (not really- just 6 miles away to Nana’s!)

* We won’t have guests for Thanksgiving

* I like light meat

* We will eat in the kitchen

* I don’t like gravy

* I like: corn, green beans, pie, cranberries, rolls


IMG 0006


IMG 0009

IMG 0012

IMG 0011


Here are Mommy and Cash waiting to greet Emma… Surprisingly Cash did very well in the classroom that morning!  He loved watching all of the kids!  He wasn’t feeling great that morning, you can tell by his sleepy eyes!

IMG 0017


Robin and Foster waiting for Emma…

IMG 0015


Emma was so excited to see us sitting at her desk when she got to the classroom!

IMG 0019


Robin, Emma, and Foster eating their picnic lunch

IMG 0020

IMG 0025


We always love getting to go to Emma’s classroom and the Thanksgiving Feast was no exception! 

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