Cash- 14 months

Cash is changing so much every day, it makes me sad and happy at the same time!  He is fiercely independent, entertaining himself for hours upon end- maybe because the rest of us are always so busy!  He is hilarious, he already knows how to get a laugh out of us and he eats up the attention.  He is as sweet as can be.  He has just recently started giving us the best hugs.  He will just come over and lay his head on our laps and we love it every time.  Cash really started walking full time right around 14 months.  He was a bit wobbly for a few days but very quickly became steady on his feet.

Here are a few pictures that I took of Cash on the day that he turned 14 months old, just a few days before Valentine’s Day.   

IMG 4965  1

IMG 4918  1

IMG 4925  1

IMG 4931  1

IMG 4939  1

IMG 4965  1

IMG 4978  1

IMG 4927

IMG 4945


Cash has two separate sets of dimples, one set very low down and one set in the normal dimple spot. :)  I think this makes him unique.  

IMG 4978  1


Cash’s shirt says “I stole Mom’s heart.”  This is so very true.  

IMG 4991

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