Family Valentine’s Day

We started Valentine’s Day with a fun breakfast and ended the day with a fun Valentine’s Day dinner.  Here is the kitchen table when the kids woke up that morning….

IMG 5012


I always so that I am not going to go overboard with treats for the kiddos… then I got to Target. :(  Foster got some new play dough, a balloon, suckers, gum, a DVD, a small red car, and some chocolates. 

IMG 5006


Emma got the Frozen Soundtrack CD, a balloon, a sticker book, math flashcards, suckers, and chocolate.

IMG 5009


Cash got a new trainer sippy cup, some goldfish, and a baby DVD.

IMG 5014


For some reason I didn’t get any pictures of the kiddos with their treats!

For dinner the kids helped me make a fun dinner for Daddy.  Here is the table right before dinner.  

IMG 5019

IMG 5021

IMG 5022

IMG 5025


Martha Stewart would definitely not approve of these chocolate covered strawberries but they still tasted good!  

IMG 5030


I found this recipe for “Valentine Blondies” on Pinterest- they were really yummy! 

IMG 5033

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