Foster’s Mother’s Tea

On Wednesday, May 7th, Foster had his Mother’s Tea at his Preschool.  He had been looking forward to it for weeks!  I had been looking forward to it too!  Unfortunately, I woke up not feeling very well.  I had a dull headache.  I was able to get up and get ready.  When I got to the school though, right after the event started, I got the worst migraine headache.  I had blurry vision, nausea, and a pounding headache.  It was awful!  I did my best to put on a smile and enjoy my time with Foster but I am sad that I don’t remember very much from the morning.

Foster was so excited to show me his classroom.  For the first 30 minutes they could take us around to the different centers and work on whatever they wanted to work on.  We started at the maps. :)


IMG 8622

IMG 8623


Next Foster wanted to work on stringing the letter beads. You make words using the letter beads.  We spelled his name and Mommy’s name together. 

IMG 8624

IMG 8625

IMG 8627

IMG 8629


Next he wanted to work on this 1-10 chip project.  He did it all by himself.  

IMG 8631

IMG 8633

IMG 8635


Lastly, we worked on this triangle wood puzzle.  He loves puzzles. 

IMG 8639

IMG 8642


Next we all sat on the rug in their spots and they performed some group activities, similar to what they do on a daily basis.  Foster’s job that day was the lights so he got to turn the lights on and off when Mrs. Fondell asked him to. :)  One at a time the kids got to go to the front and their teacher read what they love about their Mom’s.  Foster’s said, “I love my Mom because she sits with me.”  It was so precious.  I knew exactly what he was referring to.  He always asks me to come sit by him wherever he is.  Usually in the rocking chair in the living room- he just wants me to sit by him.  His love languages are definitely physical touch and quality time. 


Photo 1


After group time we went to the auditorium and kids sang a precious song for the Mom’s. It was so sweet!

IMG 8647

IMG 8649


This is just about the sweetest thing ever.  Caleb and Foster praying together. 

IMG 8650


Sitting at the table to drink tea and eat a cupcake.  I was not feeling too great at this moment :(

Photo 2


His teachers made these adorable silhouettes as gifts for the Moms!

Photo 3


Foster and good buddy Nicolas dancing on the stage after the program!

Photo 4

First Water Play of the Summer!

On Monday, May 5th when the kids got off at the bus stop they were all complaining about how HOT they were on the bus. It was 92 degrees but felt like 100 degrees… on May 5th!  So my neighbor decided to get some water toys out and let the kids play! Emma and Brylee are one year apart and Brock and Foster are one year apart but they play together very well.  Bridget took these awesome pictures of the kiddos having a ball in the water! 

DSC 0196

DSC 0201

DSC 0210


Can’t leave Cash out!  He hung out on the porch with me and Bridget and watched the kids play in the water.  He had a great time. :)

DSC 0228


Snack time!  Greta, 2nd from the left is another great neighbor friend that came to join in on the fun!

DSC 0232

DSC 0230

DSC 0233


Sun bathing- hilarious!

DSC 0237


Cool man Cash!

DSC 0240

Emma’s Choir Program

Emma’s Choir Program was on Sunday night, May 4th.  The two 1st grade choirs sang together and they did a great job! 

IMG 8596


When she walked out on the stage she was super serious and looked very nervous.  So Robin decided to try to make Emma laugh/smile.  I think he was making funny faces at her….From that point on I think she was having to restrain herself from laughing throughout the whole performance.  

IMG 8603

IMG 8604

IMG 8605


IMG 8610

IMG 8613

IMG 8614

IMG 8618

IMG 8620


Great job Emma!  We are so proud of you for singing praises to the Lord!  

Last Soccer Game

Emma’s last soccer game with the Thunderbolts was on Saturday, May 3rd.  Luckily, it was a beautiful day for soccer!  Here are the girls warming up before the game…

IMG 8484


Pass…. Trap….. Dribble….. Shoot,  Pass….. Trap….. Dribble….. Shoot, Pass…. Trap……. Dribble….. Shoot!!!

IMG 8486

IMG 8490

IMG 8492

IMG 8495


Huddle before the game

IMG 8498


Emma and Hannah waiting on the sidelines

IMG 8499

IMG 8502

IMG 8504


Coach Scott giving the girls a pep talk

IMG 8524

IMG 8531IMG 8532


Emma plays with her hair when she gets nervous. ;)

IMG 8537


IMG 8538


Pep talk from Coach Scott…

IMG 8544


Meanwhile, Foster is practicing soccer with a sweet neighbor friend, Maya.  She is so sweet to all of our kids!

IMG 8559


Emma got to kick off for the 2nd half!

IMG 8562

IMG 8570

IMG 8581

IMG 8587

IMG 8588


Sadly, we lost our last game 3-1.  The other team was SOOO good!  

After the game the team went to Braum’s to get their trophies.  Here is Emma with Coach Scott, good friend Nina’s Dad.  He is a really good coach.  He is very competitive, firm with the girls, but fun too.  We are thankful for his guidance this year.  



Here are Emma and most of the teammates being silly at Braum’s after the game.  Emma has made some great friendships on this team.

10301131 10154127853340608 5273514520936798153 n


We think that soccer was a great sport for Emma to try, but she didn’t love it.  She did excellent at practice and at home playing with us, but during games she was very scared, very timid.  Many weeks she begged not to go to games.  We think a lot of her fear came when she got hit square in the nose with the ball halfway through the first season.  We are so proud of her for finishing the season even when she didn’t want to.  With all of our kids, we want them to find their passion, we want them to love whatever they chose to do.  We are proud of you Emma and will always look back on your soccer days with a smile on our faces.  For now we will tuck away your jersey and shin guards in a box up in your closet.  We love you sweet girl!

Emma’s Celebration of Learning

Emma’s Celebration of Learning at School was on Wednesday, April 30th.  We are always excited to get to go to this because Emma doesn’t tell us very much about what happens at school!  She is a girl of few words when she gets home and the only information we get is usually from her teacher in the form of e-mail and conferences.  :)  

SO… the celebration was a great day to get to SEE what she has learned this year in 1st grade… And trust me, she has learned a lot! 

The first thing we did when we got to Mrs. Andrus’ classroom was see the kids animal murals.  The kids had been working in groups for several weeks, researching one specific zoo animal.  Emma was in a group with Rachel and Ashley and they had been researching the giraffe.  The girls made a beautiful mural and they were supposed to give a presentation to the parents (who traveled in small groups.)  They had to present their mural 7 times!  They had notes on notecards so they wouldn’t forget what to say.  When Robin and I went to Emma’s group she was VERY silly.  She kept holding her cards over her face and tried to hide under the table.  However, when she presented for other parents, she was a bit less silly.  I think we made her very nervous! 

IMG 8377

IMG 8386


IMG 8387

IMG 8388

IMG 8390


After the art murals we got to go to her desk and look through her art portfolio.  The portfolio had all of her art that she had done in art class this year!  So cool!  I will try to take pictures of all of it and post it in another blog post.  She has done some really cool stuff this year!

IMG 8393


Next we got to read through her giraffe book.  We couldn’t believe she wrote this whole book herself, including a table of contents!  
IMG 8398

IMG 8404


Next, Emma took us around the room showing us various cool things they have done throughout the last several months.  Here is a graph that she made on the computer showing which holidays were the most popular among classmates.  

IMG 8406


Next the class read us a silly poem. 

IMG 8412


After seeing all of the cool stuff in Mrs. Andrus’ room we traveled to the Multi-purpose room where the kids presented their musical “Frog and Toad.”  It was very cute.  Emma was in the bird group.  I love her facial expression here.  Also, I think it is hilarious that instead of taking her headband off for the play she just moved it down right above her eyebrows so there was room for her hat.  Her teacher and I were cracking up when she walked out.  Oh Emma. 

IMG 8419

IMG 8423

IMG 8437


After the musical we left the school and picked up Foster from his preschool then quickly had a family lunch at Braum’s- this was Emma’s choice! 

After lunch we got to go to Xia Lao Shi’s room to see what the kids had learned in Chinese.  As soon as the kids walked in the room and sat on the carpet the teacher started talking to them in Chinese.  She probably talked to them for 4-5 minutes straight all in Chinese and the kids raised their hands and answered her questions and then did what she told them to do.  I was in awe.  The kids truly understand Mandarin Chinese!  Next the teacher had them come to their table and rotate in groups to show off what they have learned.

One of the stations was Chinese Character practice.  They have these cool tablets they write on with water to practice. 

IMG 8457

IMG 8460

IMG 8463

IMG 8470

IMG 8479

Easter Portraits

We did an Easter Mini session with Lindsay McDaniels and I’m so glad we did!  It is always a little bit stressful to get the kids ready for the session but I know that I will treasure the photos for a lifetime!  She took the pictures at a neat little park area right behind the Garden Center in Tulsa.

Craig and Fallon gave Emma this beautiful tulle and lace dress for Christmas.  She loves the dress.  My Mom found the plaid shirts for Foster and Cash and I couldn’t believe how perfectly they matched Emma’s dress! 

This is the ONLY picture we were able to get with all 3 kiddos because Cash took off immediately after one picture.  We literally had to chase him down.  :)

IMG 2722 copy


Beautiful Emma- 7 years, 3 months old. :)  She is getting so tall!

IMG 2731 copy


Foster 4 years, 4 months old.  He is a charmer for sure.  

IMG 2742 1 copy


Cash, “Casher”, “Cash-man,”, “Fast-Cash”  16 months old.  Such a sweet, laid-back, happy boy.

IMG 2746 copy

IMG 2752 copy


As I said before, Cash was very “active” at this photo shoot and it was impossible to get more pics of all 3 kids.  However, i am so glad to have those pictures of just Emma and Foster.  These two are SO close.  Sometimes they act like twins even though they are 3 years apart.  I am so thankful for their friendship.  It makes me so proud.  

IMG 2758 copy

IMG 2764 copy

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter this year!  It was neat to see Cash enjoy Easter as a walking toddler for the first time. :)

After an awesome church service we went to my Mom’s house for a very yummy lunch prepared by she and Aunt Judy.  After lunch we came to our house for an Easter Egg hunt.  Here are a couple of pictures taken at Nana’s house before lunch. 

IMG 7885


Cash LOVED playing with the plastic eggs whether they had stuff in them or not :)

IMG 7886

IMG 7897


Waiting for the hunt to began… it had sprinkled a little bit that afternoon but we decided that the hunt was on fine or shine. :)  Our bff’s, Aubrey and Landon, joined us for the hunt!

IMG 7909  1


On your mark…. get set…. GO!!!

IMG 7968  2

IMG 7925


“Now what do I do Momma?” 

IMG 7970  1IMG 7948  1


IMG 7974  1


Cash wanted to open each plastic egg as he picked it up.  He really didn’t see the urgency of the occasion. :)

IMG 7975  2

IMG 7973  2

IMG 7980  2


So sweet.  These boys really love each other.  Ooh, I see a pink egg in the rickety fence!

IMG 7987  2

IMG 8002  2

IMG 8006

IMG 8012

IMG 8016  1

IMG 8020

IMG 8026  2

IMG 8030  1

IMG 8031

IMG 8035  2

IMG 8039  2

IMG 8042  2

IMG 8047  1

IMG 8051  1

IMG 8049

IMG 8059

IMG 8063  2

IMG 8067  2


I think they are hopping like the Easter bunny here. 

IMG 8192  1


I love Foster’s expression here!

IMG 8069  2


Aunt Judy helping Cash!

IMG 8244  1

IMG 8265  1

IMG 8278


Here are the kiddos checking out their loot after the hunt! 

IMG 8089

IMG 8090

IMG 8084

IMG 8074

IMG 8303

Tulip Pics- Cash!

Each year we try to take pictures of our kids in the tulips at Woodward Park.  We have a very narrow window of opportunity- they only bloom for about 10-14 days!  We took the kids on a Saturday night- which also happened to be prom night for 90% of the schools in our area!  Needless to say it was very busy and we had to just sneak in a few pictures while teenagers weren’t taking pictures. :)  We still got some great shots.  Here is my precious 16 month old boy in the tulips with a couple of pictures of big brother and big sister thrown in as well! 


IMG 6081  1


IMG 6109  1


IMG 6112


IMG 6118  1


IMG 6047


IMG 6134


IMG 6154

IMG 6174  1


IMG 6197  1


IMG 6208  1

IMG 6219  1

IMG 6223  1



IMG 6249


This is one of my favorite pics of all time.  This perfectly depicts Cash’s personality- larger than life, not a care in the World! 

IMG 6255  1

IMG 6257  1

IMG 6258  1

IMG 6289  1

IMG 6361


Melt my heart!

IMG 6380  1

Zoo Field Trip

On Wednesday April 9th I had the privilege of getting to go on Emma’s field trip to the zoo!  A big thanks to Robin for being willing to stay home with Foster and Cash so that I could go on the trip.  :)

There were so many parents that got to go, so I got to just tag along with a group that already had a parent guide.  We had a total of 4 girls and it was such a fun morning.  These are some of Emma’s dearest friends at school.

Ava, Emma, Marissa, and Nina:

IMG 5852  1

IMG 5858  1


These girls sure know how to pose!  Here they are inside the elephant exhibit.

IMG 5872  1


The girls loved looking at the real life bamboo outside of the elephant exhibit.  Unfortunately one of the girls cut her hand on the bamboo… did you know that bamboo has some very rough edges?  Now I know! 

IMG 5876


Thankfully none of the girls fell in this little pond!

IMG 5878  1


Hello Mr. Big Turtle!

IMG 5885

IMG 5886


Checking out the turtles

IMG 5888


Where should we go next?  The kids are learning all about maps at school so this was great real-life practice for them!  Also, it looks like Emma is wiggling a loose tooth in this picture! :)

IMG 5890  1

IMG 5897


We attended the sea lion talk about mid-way through our trip.  Our group sat behind the actual exhibit and looked through this observation window- they had perfect seats for the show!

IMG 5908  1

IMG 5911

IMG 5919


Emma with her good friend Grant

IMG 5930  1


What would you guess the kids are talking about here?  A zoo related question?  NOPE!

Owen just asked the kids who likes OSU and who likes OU.  :)  Emma raised her hand for OU.  Then I asked them to get back on track and watch the sea lions. :)  Kids are so funny.

IMG 5937


Checking out the lions who were sleeping.

IMG 5941


Tired girls taking a quick pit stop.

IMG 5947


We loved how this giraffe was standing.  They have to spread their front legs so they can bend over to reach the ground.  Each child had an animal to research and Emma’s animal was the giraffe.  She loved getting to see them in person after learning so much about them. 

IMG 5952


Lunch and recess break!

IMG 5958  1


Checking out the climbing rock

IMG 5960


Silly girls.

IMG 5971


This peacock was so beautiful! 

IMG 5984

IMG 5997

IMG 6001  1


Group picture!  We are so thankful for Emma’s two teachers who dedicate their time and energy to these kids on a daily basis!  Mrs. Andrus is on the left, and Xia Lao Shi is on the far right. 

IMG 6009  1


Headed back to school on the bus!

IMG 6035

Oklahoma City Trip

On Wednesday, March 19th during Spring Break we decided to take a road trip to OKC with Nana and Judy.  We started the day by going to The Outlet stores on the far west side of OKC.  They had a lot of great stores, but I wasn’t very impressed with the prices!  AND, it is somewhat difficult to shop with a 4 year old and 1 year old boy. :)  The last store we went in was The Disney Store and we let the big kids each pick out small item to buy.  

IMG 7365


IMG 7367

IMG 7369


After shopping we went to one of my favorite places, Pinkitzel!  My good friend Candace told me about Pinkitzel a year ago when we made a trip to OKC and I have been sold ever since.  It is an adorable cupcake and candy store.  The decorations are to die for!  Here are the kids standing in front of the taffy. 

IMG 5772  1


Foster riding the famous pink horse! 

IMG 7373


IMG 7375


IMG 5774


IMG 5779


This is one of the party rooms decorated for a b-day party.  I like to think that my decorations for Emma’s birthday party at our house looked JUST like this. :)

IMG 5784

IMG 5785

IMG 5789


After Pinkitzel we went to Nonna’s, a famous OKC restaurant on the river.  We weren’t sure if it was kid-friendly or not but their upstair seating area seemed casual-enough for the kids.  Cash made QUITE a mess.  Luckily, our waiter was super nice. 

IMG 7376


Please check out my spaghetti and meatballs!  Yummo!

IMG 7377

The kids got their own adorable ketchup jars.  
IMG 7378
Dinner ended when Cash started putting multiple pieces of spaghetti in his hair.  I think this is when I said, “Check please!”  
IMG 7379
We had a great trip to OKC.  Thank you Nana and Judy for all of your help- we had such a great time!