“Curry Day”: March 18th

So, a little bit of history about March 18th… Our kids often ask us questions like, “When can we do something fun? When can we go bowling?  When can we go to the park?  When can we stay up late?  When can we go on a walk? etc etc.  For as long as I can remember our kids asking these questions I remember Robin answering them very frankly “March 18th.”  Apparently, he just picked an arbitrary date that he figured the kids would never remember just to be able to give them an answer.  No, there is no significance to that date, I guess it’s just the first date that came to his mind!  SO, when Spring Break rolled around and we were making plans Robin had decided he was going to take one day off of work to spend with the kids.  When I looked at the calendar, I realized that March 18th would actually be a fabulous date to do some fun things as a family!  We told the kids the night before that the following day was going to be a day full of family fun and they were so excited.  I’m not sure March 18th with always fall during Spring Break but we are going to try to establish a tradition of doing something special together as a family on that date.  

So, even though the dentist doesn’t SEEM like a fun way to start the day, we had a 9:00 dentist appointment for both of the big kids and it ended up being a great way to start the day.  AND it was a great way to bribe them with… “let’s just get your teeth cleaned at the dentist and then we get to go have fun the rest of the day!  Both Emma and Foster had check-ups and cleanings and both went fairly well.  Emma is going to need some dental work involving possible braces in the fairly near future but we have a little while before we get to that point.  No cavities for either kiddo, praise God!


IMG 7316


IMG 7317


Cash was a good boy at the dentist.  He just hung out in his stroller and dreamed about the day that he gets to sit in the dental chair. 

IMG 7318


After our dentist appointments we were off to the bowling alley!  Bowling is something our kids LOVE to do and always ask to do.  Here are all of our bowling shoes. 

IMG 5286


I posted this pic on FB… these are the names that Robin picked for us for the scorecard.  After this, Foster started calling me “Hot Momma!”  

IMG 5292

IMG 5294

IMG 7321


Poor Cash.  Always just chillin’ in the background! 

IMG 5295

IMG 5296

IMG 5298

IMG 5302

IMG 5307

IMG 5319

IMG 5320

IMG 5321

IMG 5330


Watching her ball go in

IMG 5335

IMG 5336  1

IMG 5362


Cash’s turn…

IMG 5384


Final score… Emma won!  By the way, we used bumpers. :)

IMG 5391


After bowling we went to Foster’s favorite place, Chuck E. Cheese.  For the record, this is NOT me or Robin’s favorite place!  But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your children, right? 

IMG 7342

IMG 7346

IMG 7349


This is what Cash thought about Chuck E. Cheese.  Me too buddy, I feel the same way. 

IMG 7355

IMG 7356

IMG 7358


We did take Cash home for a nap after Chuck E. Cheese.  Naps are a necessity for Cash so we all rested for a bit and then grabbed a picnic dinner and wen to the park!

Emma conquered the monkey bars while were there! 

IMG 5392

IMG 5401

IMG 5415

IMG 5418

IMG 5426

IMG 5429

IMG 5434

IMG 5442

IMG 5456

IMG 5462  1

IMG 5463

IMG 5480

IMG 5491

IMG 5520

IMG 5529

IMG 5540

IMG 5564  1

IMG 5643

IMG 5740

IMG 5748

IMG 5755

IMG 5766

IMG 5767

March 18th turned out to be one of my favorite days ever.  It ended perfectly, we put sleeping bags out in our living room, turned off all of the lights, and watched our brand new copy of Frozen.  Thank you Lord for giving us days like March 18th to spend quality time with our kids.  

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