Easter 2014

We had a great Easter this year!  It was neat to see Cash enjoy Easter as a walking toddler for the first time. :)

After an awesome church service we went to my Mom’s house for a very yummy lunch prepared by she and Aunt Judy.  After lunch we came to our house for an Easter Egg hunt.  Here are a couple of pictures taken at Nana’s house before lunch. 

IMG 7885


Cash LOVED playing with the plastic eggs whether they had stuff in them or not :)

IMG 7886

IMG 7897


Waiting for the hunt to began… it had sprinkled a little bit that afternoon but we decided that the hunt was on fine or shine. :)  Our bff’s, Aubrey and Landon, joined us for the hunt!

IMG 7909  1


On your mark…. get set…. GO!!!

IMG 7968  2

IMG 7925


“Now what do I do Momma?” 

IMG 7970  1IMG 7948  1


IMG 7974  1


Cash wanted to open each plastic egg as he picked it up.  He really didn’t see the urgency of the occasion. :)

IMG 7975  2

IMG 7973  2

IMG 7980  2


So sweet.  These boys really love each other.  Ooh, I see a pink egg in the rickety fence!

IMG 7987  2

IMG 8002  2

IMG 8006

IMG 8012

IMG 8016  1

IMG 8020

IMG 8026  2

IMG 8030  1

IMG 8031

IMG 8035  2

IMG 8039  2

IMG 8042  2

IMG 8047  1

IMG 8051  1

IMG 8049

IMG 8059

IMG 8063  2

IMG 8067  2


I think they are hopping like the Easter bunny here. 

IMG 8192  1


I love Foster’s expression here!

IMG 8069  2


Aunt Judy helping Cash!

IMG 8244  1

IMG 8265  1

IMG 8278


Here are the kiddos checking out their loot after the hunt! 

IMG 8089

IMG 8090

IMG 8084

IMG 8074

IMG 8303

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