Emma’s Celebration of Learning

Emma’s Celebration of Learning at School was on Wednesday, April 30th.  We are always excited to get to go to this because Emma doesn’t tell us very much about what happens at school!  She is a girl of few words when she gets home and the only information we get is usually from her teacher in the form of e-mail and conferences.  :)  

SO… the celebration was a great day to get to SEE what she has learned this year in 1st grade… And trust me, she has learned a lot! 

The first thing we did when we got to Mrs. Andrus’ classroom was see the kids animal murals.  The kids had been working in groups for several weeks, researching one specific zoo animal.  Emma was in a group with Rachel and Ashley and they had been researching the giraffe.  The girls made a beautiful mural and they were supposed to give a presentation to the parents (who traveled in small groups.)  They had to present their mural 7 times!  They had notes on notecards so they wouldn’t forget what to say.  When Robin and I went to Emma’s group she was VERY silly.  She kept holding her cards over her face and tried to hide under the table.  However, when she presented for other parents, she was a bit less silly.  I think we made her very nervous! 

IMG 8377

IMG 8386


IMG 8387

IMG 8388

IMG 8390


After the art murals we got to go to her desk and look through her art portfolio.  The portfolio had all of her art that she had done in art class this year!  So cool!  I will try to take pictures of all of it and post it in another blog post.  She has done some really cool stuff this year!

IMG 8393


Next we got to read through her giraffe book.  We couldn’t believe she wrote this whole book herself, including a table of contents!  
IMG 8398

IMG 8404


Next, Emma took us around the room showing us various cool things they have done throughout the last several months.  Here is a graph that she made on the computer showing which holidays were the most popular among classmates.  

IMG 8406


Next the class read us a silly poem. 

IMG 8412


After seeing all of the cool stuff in Mrs. Andrus’ room we traveled to the Multi-purpose room where the kids presented their musical “Frog and Toad.”  It was very cute.  Emma was in the bird group.  I love her facial expression here.  Also, I think it is hilarious that instead of taking her headband off for the play she just moved it down right above her eyebrows so there was room for her hat.  Her teacher and I were cracking up when she walked out.  Oh Emma. 

IMG 8419

IMG 8423

IMG 8437


After the musical we left the school and picked up Foster from his preschool then quickly had a family lunch at Braum’s- this was Emma’s choice! 

After lunch we got to go to Xia Lao Shi’s room to see what the kids had learned in Chinese.  As soon as the kids walked in the room and sat on the carpet the teacher started talking to them in Chinese.  She probably talked to them for 4-5 minutes straight all in Chinese and the kids raised their hands and answered her questions and then did what she told them to do.  I was in awe.  The kids truly understand Mandarin Chinese!  Next the teacher had them come to their table and rotate in groups to show off what they have learned.

One of the stations was Chinese Character practice.  They have these cool tablets they write on with water to practice. 

IMG 8457

IMG 8460

IMG 8463

IMG 8470

IMG 8479

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