First Water Play of the Summer!

On Monday, May 5th when the kids got off at the bus stop they were all complaining about how HOT they were on the bus. It was 92 degrees but felt like 100 degrees… on May 5th!  So my neighbor decided to get some water toys out and let the kids play! Emma and Brylee are one year apart and Brock and Foster are one year apart but they play together very well.  Bridget took these awesome pictures of the kiddos having a ball in the water! 

DSC 0196

DSC 0201

DSC 0210


Can’t leave Cash out!  He hung out on the porch with me and Bridget and watched the kids play in the water.  He had a great time. :)

DSC 0228


Snack time!  Greta, 2nd from the left is another great neighbor friend that came to join in on the fun!

DSC 0232

DSC 0230

DSC 0233


Sun bathing- hilarious!

DSC 0237


Cool man Cash!

DSC 0240

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