Foster’s Mother’s Tea

On Wednesday, May 7th, Foster had his Mother’s Tea at his Preschool.  He had been looking forward to it for weeks!  I had been looking forward to it too!  Unfortunately, I woke up not feeling very well.  I had a dull headache.  I was able to get up and get ready.  When I got to the school though, right after the event started, I got the worst migraine headache.  I had blurry vision, nausea, and a pounding headache.  It was awful!  I did my best to put on a smile and enjoy my time with Foster but I am sad that I don’t remember very much from the morning.

Foster was so excited to show me his classroom.  For the first 30 minutes they could take us around to the different centers and work on whatever they wanted to work on.  We started at the maps. :)


IMG 8622

IMG 8623


Next Foster wanted to work on stringing the letter beads. You make words using the letter beads.  We spelled his name and Mommy’s name together. 

IMG 8624

IMG 8625

IMG 8627

IMG 8629


Next he wanted to work on this 1-10 chip project.  He did it all by himself.  

IMG 8631

IMG 8633

IMG 8635


Lastly, we worked on this triangle wood puzzle.  He loves puzzles. 

IMG 8639

IMG 8642


Next we all sat on the rug in their spots and they performed some group activities, similar to what they do on a daily basis.  Foster’s job that day was the lights so he got to turn the lights on and off when Mrs. Fondell asked him to. :)  One at a time the kids got to go to the front and their teacher read what they love about their Mom’s.  Foster’s said, “I love my Mom because she sits with me.”  It was so precious.  I knew exactly what he was referring to.  He always asks me to come sit by him wherever he is.  Usually in the rocking chair in the living room- he just wants me to sit by him.  His love languages are definitely physical touch and quality time. 


Photo 1


After group time we went to the auditorium and kids sang a precious song for the Mom’s. It was so sweet!

IMG 8647

IMG 8649


This is just about the sweetest thing ever.  Caleb and Foster praying together. 

IMG 8650


Sitting at the table to drink tea and eat a cupcake.  I was not feeling too great at this moment :(

Photo 2


His teachers made these adorable silhouettes as gifts for the Moms!

Photo 3


Foster and good buddy Nicolas dancing on the stage after the program!

Photo 4

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