Last Soccer Game

Emma’s last soccer game with the Thunderbolts was on Saturday, May 3rd.  Luckily, it was a beautiful day for soccer!  Here are the girls warming up before the game…

IMG 8484


Pass…. Trap….. Dribble….. Shoot,  Pass….. Trap….. Dribble….. Shoot, Pass…. Trap……. Dribble….. Shoot!!!

IMG 8486

IMG 8490

IMG 8492

IMG 8495


Huddle before the game

IMG 8498


Emma and Hannah waiting on the sidelines

IMG 8499

IMG 8502

IMG 8504


Coach Scott giving the girls a pep talk

IMG 8524

IMG 8531IMG 8532


Emma plays with her hair when she gets nervous. ;)

IMG 8537


IMG 8538


Pep talk from Coach Scott…

IMG 8544


Meanwhile, Foster is practicing soccer with a sweet neighbor friend, Maya.  She is so sweet to all of our kids!

IMG 8559


Emma got to kick off for the 2nd half!

IMG 8562

IMG 8570

IMG 8581

IMG 8587

IMG 8588


Sadly, we lost our last game 3-1.  The other team was SOOO good!  

After the game the team went to Braum’s to get their trophies.  Here is Emma with Coach Scott, good friend Nina’s Dad.  He is a really good coach.  He is very competitive, firm with the girls, but fun too.  We are thankful for his guidance this year.  



Here are Emma and most of the teammates being silly at Braum’s after the game.  Emma has made some great friendships on this team.

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We think that soccer was a great sport for Emma to try, but she didn’t love it.  She did excellent at practice and at home playing with us, but during games she was very scared, very timid.  Many weeks she begged not to go to games.  We think a lot of her fear came when she got hit square in the nose with the ball halfway through the first season.  We are so proud of her for finishing the season even when she didn’t want to.  With all of our kids, we want them to find their passion, we want them to love whatever they chose to do.  We are proud of you Emma and will always look back on your soccer days with a smile on our faces.  For now we will tuck away your jersey and shin guards in a box up in your closet.  We love you sweet girl!

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