Oklahoma City Trip

On Wednesday, March 19th during Spring Break we decided to take a road trip to OKC with Nana and Judy.  We started the day by going to The Outlet stores on the far west side of OKC.  They had a lot of great stores, but I wasn’t very impressed with the prices!  AND, it is somewhat difficult to shop with a 4 year old and 1 year old boy. :)  The last store we went in was The Disney Store and we let the big kids each pick out small item to buy.  

IMG 7365


IMG 7367

IMG 7369


After shopping we went to one of my favorite places, Pinkitzel!  My good friend Candace told me about Pinkitzel a year ago when we made a trip to OKC and I have been sold ever since.  It is an adorable cupcake and candy store.  The decorations are to die for!  Here are the kids standing in front of the taffy. 

IMG 5772  1


Foster riding the famous pink horse! 

IMG 7373


IMG 7375


IMG 5774


IMG 5779


This is one of the party rooms decorated for a b-day party.  I like to think that my decorations for Emma’s birthday party at our house looked JUST like this. :)

IMG 5784

IMG 5785

IMG 5789


After Pinkitzel we went to Nonna’s, a famous OKC restaurant on the river.  We weren’t sure if it was kid-friendly or not but their upstair seating area seemed casual-enough for the kids.  Cash made QUITE a mess.  Luckily, our waiter was super nice. 

IMG 7376


Please check out my spaghetti and meatballs!  Yummo!

IMG 7377

The kids got their own adorable ketchup jars.  
IMG 7378
Dinner ended when Cash started putting multiple pieces of spaghetti in his hair.  I think this is when I said, “Check please!”  
IMG 7379
We had a great trip to OKC.  Thank you Nana and Judy for all of your help- we had such a great time!

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