Tulip Pics- Cash!

Each year we try to take pictures of our kids in the tulips at Woodward Park.  We have a very narrow window of opportunity- they only bloom for about 10-14 days!  We took the kids on a Saturday night- which also happened to be prom night for 90% of the schools in our area!  Needless to say it was very busy and we had to just sneak in a few pictures while teenagers weren’t taking pictures. :)  We still got some great shots.  Here is my precious 16 month old boy in the tulips with a couple of pictures of big brother and big sister thrown in as well! 


IMG 6081  1


IMG 6109  1


IMG 6112


IMG 6118  1


IMG 6047


IMG 6134


IMG 6154

IMG 6174  1


IMG 6197  1


IMG 6208  1

IMG 6219  1

IMG 6223  1



IMG 6249


This is one of my favorite pics of all time.  This perfectly depicts Cash’s personality- larger than life, not a care in the World! 

IMG 6255  1

IMG 6257  1

IMG 6258  1

IMG 6289  1

IMG 6361


Melt my heart!

IMG 6380  1

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