Tulsa Children’s Museum

Pops and Gigi came to visit is during Gigi’s Spring Break.  The kids were so excited to see them!  Unfortunately our Spring Break and Gigi’s Spring Break aren’t the same week, but we let Emma and Foster stay home from school for one day to spend some time together.  

On Thursday, March 13th, we went to lunch at Ollie’s and then went to The Children’s Museum.  Pops and Gigi loved the museum and participated in everything with the kiddos!

Here are Emma and Foster going through the tape tunnel… 

IMG 7222


Pops and Emma

IMG 7221


Foster sliding down the slide with Pops and Emma looking on

IMG 7225


Pops’ turn to slide!

IMG 7228


Gigi and Foster in the tape tunnel

IMG 7229



Gigi sliding down the slideIMG 7232


Daddy’s turn!

IMG 7234


Foster loved the vacuum ball tubes

IMG 7235

IMG 7237


Daddy and Emma playing with Cash in the baby area

IMG 7241


Cash loved playing in the baby area

IMG 7242


The whole family took turns on the “bed of nails.”  

IMG 7255

IMG 7257

This random little boy hung out with our family for quite a while! 

IMG 7260

IMG 7261

IMG 7263

IMG 7264

IMG 7266


Looking for the one bead that was different than all of the others!  They never did find it!

IMG 7270


We really love the Children’s Museum and can’t wait to go back! 

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