Zoo Field Trip

On Wednesday April 9th I had the privilege of getting to go on Emma’s field trip to the zoo!  A big thanks to Robin for being willing to stay home with Foster and Cash so that I could go on the trip.  :)

There were so many parents that got to go, so I got to just tag along with a group that already had a parent guide.  We had a total of 4 girls and it was such a fun morning.  These are some of Emma’s dearest friends at school.

Ava, Emma, Marissa, and Nina:

IMG 5852  1

IMG 5858  1


These girls sure know how to pose!  Here they are inside the elephant exhibit.

IMG 5872  1


The girls loved looking at the real life bamboo outside of the elephant exhibit.  Unfortunately one of the girls cut her hand on the bamboo… did you know that bamboo has some very rough edges?  Now I know! 

IMG 5876


Thankfully none of the girls fell in this little pond!

IMG 5878  1


Hello Mr. Big Turtle!

IMG 5885

IMG 5886


Checking out the turtles

IMG 5888


Where should we go next?  The kids are learning all about maps at school so this was great real-life practice for them!  Also, it looks like Emma is wiggling a loose tooth in this picture! :)

IMG 5890  1

IMG 5897


We attended the sea lion talk about mid-way through our trip.  Our group sat behind the actual exhibit and looked through this observation window- they had perfect seats for the show!

IMG 5908  1

IMG 5911

IMG 5919


Emma with her good friend Grant

IMG 5930  1


What would you guess the kids are talking about here?  A zoo related question?  NOPE!

Owen just asked the kids who likes OSU and who likes OU.  :)  Emma raised her hand for OU.  Then I asked them to get back on track and watch the sea lions. :)  Kids are so funny.

IMG 5937


Checking out the lions who were sleeping.

IMG 5941


Tired girls taking a quick pit stop.

IMG 5947


We loved how this giraffe was standing.  They have to spread their front legs so they can bend over to reach the ground.  Each child had an animal to research and Emma’s animal was the giraffe.  She loved getting to see them in person after learning so much about them. 

IMG 5952


Lunch and recess break!

IMG 5958  1


Checking out the climbing rock

IMG 5960


Silly girls.

IMG 5971


This peacock was so beautiful! 

IMG 5984

IMG 5997

IMG 6001  1


Group picture!  We are so thankful for Emma’s two teachers who dedicate their time and energy to these kids on a daily basis!  Mrs. Andrus is on the left, and Xia Lao Shi is on the far right. 

IMG 6009  1


Headed back to school on the bus!

IMG 6035

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