Simon Says: Halls of Justice

Emma’s Smak performance was on Friday evening June 13th.  This was her first time to perform in a big group hour long musical.  I was so proud of her!  They had try outs for speaking parts and solos and she wanted nothing to do with that which didn’t surprise us…we were just thankful that she participated!  She had a serious, scared look on her face for the first half of the program but about half-way through she saw her daddy in the audience and from then on she was all smiles. :)

IMG 8208

IMG 8964

IMG 8976

IMG 8977

IMG 9009
IMG 9021


One of the coolest parts of the show was the second to last song- they had these very cool light up crosses that they moved to the words of the music… Emma had told us there would be a “surprise!” She was very excited about this part!

IMG 9059

IMG 9054

IMG 9062


We are SO thankful to have a church that values children and values teaching them scripture and music!  

IMG 9078

IMG 9088


There was no childcare during the performance so we sat on the very back row!  Cash is at a VERY busy age… it is getting harder and harder to keep him contained!  We were so thankful that Aunt Judy was there to help.  She took him out in the lobby for the majority of the show.  He wore her out completely!

IMG 8201

IMG 8205

IMG 8206


After the program we went to Andy’s ice cream with Jamey, Aubrey, and Landon!  

IMG 8212

Smak and Pre-Smak

During the 2nd week in June our kids attended the Summer Music Camps at our church!  This was Emma’s first time to attend the full week camp for 1st-6th graders.  She had a blast!  I taught in Foster’s 4 year old classroom and we had a great time together!

IMG 8199


Emma loved getting to be with her 1st grade friends… here she is with her good friend Mackenzie!

IMG 8128

IMG 8129

IMG 8131


Foster invited one of his best friends from Redeemer to come to Pre-Smak and we were so excited that he came!  

IMG 8134

IMG 8843

IMG 8847


Here is Emma walking into the camp on Day 2… I was so proud of her for being so confident and independent.  

IMG 8850


Here is Foster’s group waiting to practice on stage

IMG 8857

IMG 8876


Foster looks nervous!

IMG 8878


I had the privilege of working with Miss Janice and Miss Candace this year…we make a great time!  I just love watching Miss Janice with the kids- she is the “preschool whisperer!”

IMG 8886


Here I am teaching a lesson with rhythm sticks… thank you to my sweet friend Candace for taking this pic!

IMG 8896


I always cherish quality time with Foster… he soaks it up!

IMG 8899

IMG 8902

IMG 8906


The theme for Pre-Smak this year was “The Thank You Meal.”  We did this one 3 years ago and I loved the theme!  Here are the little chefs with aprons on!

IMG 8917


Just for kicks…. here are Emma and Mackenzie doing this same theme for Pre-Smak when they were 3 years old… sniff sniff! June 2010


and here are Mommy and Emma…


What have we been up to this summer?

It is already the first of July and I am just now getting around to blogging about our summer!  I can not believe the summer is almost half over already…. where has the time gone?  We had a very busy June!  What have we been up to?  We went to Arlington for Pops and Gigi’s Anniversary the first weekend of June, we have taken FOUR weeks of swim lessons, gone swimming, hung out with friends, attended Smak and Pre-Smak at our church, attended VBS at our church, and the list goes on.

Honestly though, some of my very favorite summer days are the ones where we just hang out at home… here are the kiddos one summer morning.  

IMG 8081


We also signed up for the library program at the first of June… honestly, we haven’t been back since that first visit!  I’m hoping we will have time to finish the program out during July.  My kids love going to the library.

IMG 8082

IMG 8086


One Saturday evening my Mom was gracious enough to take both Emma and Foster for the night so we were left with just little ‘ol Cash!  We had a Sunday School party that evening but after we picked up from childcare we decided to go to Target after his bedtime…. what a big deal for him!  We had a lot of fun just hanging out.  He thought it was so cool to have Mommy and Daddy all to himself. :)

IMG 8108


Foster learned about the game of Jenga at church this summer- he loves it!  We bought the game in mid-June and Foster loves to play.  Uncle Boom is in the background eating lunch. :)

IMG 8135


More hanging out at home…

IMG 8138


Swimming at Lifetime…

IMG 8183


Foster got a new bike in June!  He had outgrown his little bike and it was time for an upgrade.  Mommy took him to Walmart and after much thought and consideration he picked out this red rocket bike! 

IMG 8219


Hanging out on the back patio…

IMG 8220


Practicing bike riding

IMG 8244


Time for a water break!

IMG 8249


Swimming at Lifetime… Foster is scared of slipping on the wet floor so Emma always holds his hand- she is the best big sister!

IMG 8258


This is the waiting room at swim lessons… not the most ideal waiting room while corralling an 18 month old.  Thankfully, Nana helped take the kids to and from swim lessons 90% of the time!

IMG 8274


This was the first day that I attempted to take all 3 kids swimming… I met a friend there and we had a great time.  Cash is slightly scared of the water so we are working on that!

IMG 8440

IMG 8441

Pops and Gigi’s 40th Anniversary

Robin’s parents celebrated their 40th Anniversary on June 1st!  What a huge milestone!  They have an amazing marriage and have set a great example for many people.

Thankfully, all of their kids and grandkids were able to be with them to celebrate their big day. 

IMG 8797

IMG 8806  1


IMG 8776

IMG 8785

IMG 8790  1

IMG 8794


Cash playing peek-a-boo with one of Gigi’s good friends

IMG 8810


The family!  This is how Cash poses in most of our pictures these days! We are very thankful for the Curry legacy.  

IMG 8838

Last day of school

The last day of school for Emma was very late this year due to all of the snow days we had this year!  Her last day was May 30th… yuck!  This is the first time Emma has had to go to school after Memorial Day! 

These two pictures kind of make me laugh… the picture on the left was Emma’s first day of school and the picture on the right was Emma’s last day of school… if I’m being honest I think Emma looks older on the left!  I think straightening her hair makes a big difference in how old she looks!  Also, her teeth have really changed this year… she has lost a lot of teeth… 8 to be exact!  I love this girl so much and can NOT believe that she will be in 2nd grade next year!

IMG 8043


One of my neighbor friends had the fantastic idea to spray the kiddos with silly string as they got off of the bus on the last day of school.  Me, Robin, and Foster and Cash all got to go to the bus stop and it was a ton of fun!  Here are some of the Moms and siblings armed and ready to attack! 
IMG 8724


Here are Marissa and Emma after the attack.  Emma didn’t love having the silly string in her face at first… she even cried a bit which made me sad… but after a minute she starting laughing!

IMG 8740

IMG 8742

IMG 8744


I thought we needed a better expression for the picture so I decided to spray them while daddy took their picture… that seemed to work well! 

IMG 8749

IMG 8750

IMG 8751

IMG 8752


Neighborhood friends… Marissa, Emma, Brylee, Jaycee, and Stella… we are missing Greta in this pic! :(

IMG 8762

IMG 8771


This is the pic I posted on Facebook that afternoon… we were all SO READY for summer!!

IMG 8056

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day was a great day!  After church on Sunday we went to eat lunch at Ted’s with my family… yummy!  Right after Ted’s we went to visit my Dad’s grave at the cemetery.  Each year my big kids understand a little bit more about Grandpa Charlie and what it means to visit his grave.  I always love seeing the cemetery so festive on Memorial Day… there are so many flags!

IMG 7980

IMG 7979


It kind of looks like Cash is doing the “Sic ‘em Bears” pose here! 

IMG 7982

IMG 7985


Decorating the grave… Emma and Foster picked out these pin-wheels to put on Grandpa Charlie’s grave… I think he would have liked them. :)

IMG 7986

IMG 7992


Emma and Nana

IMG 7994


That evening we went to our friends’ house to hang out for a Memorial Day cookout and backyard bash.  The kids even got to do Smores!  I am not sure if Cash is laughing or crying in this picture!
IMG 8001

Dave Matthews Concert

On May 21st Robin and I got to go on a very fun date!  We went to the Dave Matthews concert at the BOK Center in Tulsa.  Robin is a huge fan of Dave Matthews and I like him a lot too… I really only knew his most popular songs from the 90’s… BUT the entire concert was amazing.  He played music for about 4 hours straight!  The first half of the concert was acoustic and the second half was electric.

Here we are getting ready to go in…

IMG 7936


We went with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Brandon… they are also big fans.  A huge thank you goes to my Aunt Judy for getting the tickets through her work! 

IMG 7940

IMG 7944


Bro and Sis

IMG 7947

IMG 7950

IMG 7953

IMG 7968

IMG 7966

Random iPhone pics!

I haven’t done a random iPhone pic post in a while and I have quite a few random ones to share… in no particular order:

Man, is this kid cute or what?  Here he is eating a large chip one nibble at a time!

IMG 7494


The story of my life this past year… hanging out with these two boys.  I am truly so lucky to be their Mom!    Here we are on a Sam’s run. 

IMG 7503


Handsome boy on spring picture day!

IMG 7507


Happy Cash!

IMG 7571


Emma has been invited to several roller skating Birthday parties this year.  This particular party was her very first time to skate!  

IMG 7576


Robin is pretty much amazing with kids.  This series of pictures points that out… Here is with about 4 kids literally hanging on him at Extending Teaching at church! 

IMG 7599

IMG 7600

IMG 7601


During the 2nd semester I got really brave and brought Foster and Cash to Emma’s school a couple of times to have lunch with her.  She LOVED having us there and the boys loved seeing her!

IMG 7617


Me and Cash (and Emma’s friend Ava) at the lunchroom!

IMG 7615


Run 4 Fun was a success again this year…. on Emma’s 2nd lap Emma grabbed Foster’s hand and asked him to run with her… melt my heart! 

IMG 7631


Nina, Emma, and Foster

IMG 7633


At the end of April we traveled to Frisco to go to an Avett Brother’s concert with our good friends the Rowes and the Kreys.  It was so much fun! 

IMG 7717

IMG 7718

IMG 7720


We got to stay with Robin’s parents when we traveled to TX… Pops loves showing off his grandkids while we are at his church…here he is greeting people after the service!

IMG 7726


These two girls… BFFs literally since birth.  I asked them if I could take a pretty picture of them at church and this is what I got! 

IMG 7828

IMG 7829


I’m glad I have the following pictures… Sweet sweet Foster.  He is in that very rough 4 year old stage… He has grown out of naps BUT 1-2 times a week he desperately needs a nap!  I often find him just crashed in random places, such as the following… usually these naps are preceded by meltdowns.  I can always tell when he is tired.  Bless his heart, I love him so. 
IMG 7685

IMG 7873

IMG 7934


Another roller skating party: Emma and Marissa

IMG 7880


During May we had a Sunday School party at our house.  We had a lot of people over and it was a ton of fun, with a touch of CRAZY!  I think there were around 20 kids present, many under the age of 5. We love our church friends!

IMG 7921


My ornery husband wore this Spurs jacket around town during the Spurs-OKC Thunder play off series.  He was definitely in the minority around town! 

IMG 7923


Is this a craze for other children or just mine?  Emma LOVES hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works!  She collects them… and now Foster thinks he should collect them as well!  I encourage him to get “manly scents.” 

IMG 8010


Hanging out with Uncle Boom

IMG 8027


Handsome boy, enjoying being outside!

IMG 8031


Emma and Foster before her “Super Kids Day” at school!

IMG 7931


This guy… he is into mischief about 97% of the time.  He keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing.  Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a fun baby for my last baby. ;)

IMG 8080

Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day this year!  Following church we met my Mom, Uncle, Aunt, and Brother at the Bistro, one of my favorite restaurants, for brunch.  Going out to eat with 3 kiddos is hard at best but we had a fairly pleasant meal! 

Here is a quick pic we took after church with my Mom, aka “Nana.”  Honestly, I have no idea what I would do without my Mom.  Not only does she help us out tremendously, but she is also my very best friend.  I love getting advice from her, laughing with her, shopping with her, and the list goes on and on.  I just love being with  her and my kids do too.  And isn’t she just so cute too?!

IMG 7887


My Mother’s Day gift this year was flowers for our gardens!  We took the whole crew to Southwoods (and a couple of smaller nurseries) and picked out some annuals for our beds.  The kids loved helping.  That evening we came home and did some serious planting! 

IMG 7883


I also wanted to include a little letter that Emma wrote for me at school.  Honestly, things like this from my kids are the BEST gifts.  I love my kids so much.  The Kansas City story she is talking about here is a spontaneous trip that we took over 2 and half years ago but she still talks about it…. my kids adore quality time!  Makes me think we should take spontaneous trips like that more often!

IMG 7909