Dave Matthews Concert

On May 21st Robin and I got to go on a very fun date!  We went to the Dave Matthews concert at the BOK Center in Tulsa.  Robin is a huge fan of Dave Matthews and I like him a lot too… I really only knew his most popular songs from the 90’s… BUT the entire concert was amazing.  He played music for about 4 hours straight!  The first half of the concert was acoustic and the second half was electric.

Here we are getting ready to go in…

IMG 7936


We went with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Brandon… they are also big fans.  A huge thank you goes to my Aunt Judy for getting the tickets through her work! 

IMG 7940

IMG 7944


Bro and Sis

IMG 7947

IMG 7950

IMG 7953

IMG 7968

IMG 7966

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