Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day was a great day!  After church on Sunday we went to eat lunch at Ted’s with my family… yummy!  Right after Ted’s we went to visit my Dad’s grave at the cemetery.  Each year my big kids understand a little bit more about Grandpa Charlie and what it means to visit his grave.  I always love seeing the cemetery so festive on Memorial Day… there are so many flags!

IMG 7980

IMG 7979


It kind of looks like Cash is doing the “Sic ‘em Bears” pose here! 

IMG 7982

IMG 7985


Decorating the grave… Emma and Foster picked out these pin-wheels to put on Grandpa Charlie’s grave… I think he would have liked them. :)

IMG 7986

IMG 7992


Emma and Nana

IMG 7994


That evening we went to our friends’ house to hang out for a Memorial Day cookout and backyard bash.  The kids even got to do Smores!  I am not sure if Cash is laughing or crying in this picture!
IMG 8001

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