Random iPhone pics!

I haven’t done a random iPhone pic post in a while and I have quite a few random ones to share… in no particular order:

Man, is this kid cute or what?  Here he is eating a large chip one nibble at a time!

IMG 7494


The story of my life this past year… hanging out with these two boys.  I am truly so lucky to be their Mom!    Here we are on a Sam’s run. 

IMG 7503


Handsome boy on spring picture day!

IMG 7507


Happy Cash!

IMG 7571


Emma has been invited to several roller skating Birthday parties this year.  This particular party was her very first time to skate!  

IMG 7576


Robin is pretty much amazing with kids.  This series of pictures points that out… Here is with about 4 kids literally hanging on him at Extending Teaching at church! 

IMG 7599

IMG 7600

IMG 7601


During the 2nd semester I got really brave and brought Foster and Cash to Emma’s school a couple of times to have lunch with her.  She LOVED having us there and the boys loved seeing her!

IMG 7617


Me and Cash (and Emma’s friend Ava) at the lunchroom!

IMG 7615


Run 4 Fun was a success again this year…. on Emma’s 2nd lap Emma grabbed Foster’s hand and asked him to run with her… melt my heart! 

IMG 7631


Nina, Emma, and Foster

IMG 7633


At the end of April we traveled to Frisco to go to an Avett Brother’s concert with our good friends the Rowes and the Kreys.  It was so much fun! 

IMG 7717

IMG 7718

IMG 7720


We got to stay with Robin’s parents when we traveled to TX… Pops loves showing off his grandkids while we are at his church…here he is greeting people after the service!

IMG 7726


These two girls… BFFs literally since birth.  I asked them if I could take a pretty picture of them at church and this is what I got! 

IMG 7828

IMG 7829


I’m glad I have the following pictures… Sweet sweet Foster.  He is in that very rough 4 year old stage… He has grown out of naps BUT 1-2 times a week he desperately needs a nap!  I often find him just crashed in random places, such as the following… usually these naps are preceded by meltdowns.  I can always tell when he is tired.  Bless his heart, I love him so. 
IMG 7685

IMG 7873

IMG 7934


Another roller skating party: Emma and Marissa

IMG 7880


During May we had a Sunday School party at our house.  We had a lot of people over and it was a ton of fun, with a touch of CRAZY!  I think there were around 20 kids present, many under the age of 5. We love our church friends!

IMG 7921


My ornery husband wore this Spurs jacket around town during the Spurs-OKC Thunder play off series.  He was definitely in the minority around town! 

IMG 7923


Is this a craze for other children or just mine?  Emma LOVES hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works!  She collects them… and now Foster thinks he should collect them as well!  I encourage him to get “manly scents.” 

IMG 8010


Hanging out with Uncle Boom

IMG 8027


Handsome boy, enjoying being outside!

IMG 8031


Emma and Foster before her “Super Kids Day” at school!

IMG 7931


This guy… he is into mischief about 97% of the time.  He keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing.  Thank you Jesus for blessing me with a fun baby for my last baby. ;)

IMG 8080

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