Simon Says: Halls of Justice

Emma’s Smak performance was on Friday evening June 13th.  This was her first time to perform in a big group hour long musical.  I was so proud of her!  They had try outs for speaking parts and solos and she wanted nothing to do with that which didn’t surprise us…we were just thankful that she participated!  She had a serious, scared look on her face for the first half of the program but about half-way through she saw her daddy in the audience and from then on she was all smiles. :)

IMG 8208

IMG 8964

IMG 8976

IMG 8977

IMG 9009
IMG 9021


One of the coolest parts of the show was the second to last song- they had these very cool light up crosses that they moved to the words of the music… Emma had told us there would be a “surprise!” She was very excited about this part!

IMG 9059

IMG 9054

IMG 9062


We are SO thankful to have a church that values children and values teaching them scripture and music!  

IMG 9078

IMG 9088


There was no childcare during the performance so we sat on the very back row!  Cash is at a VERY busy age… it is getting harder and harder to keep him contained!  We were so thankful that Aunt Judy was there to help.  She took him out in the lobby for the majority of the show.  He wore her out completely!

IMG 8201

IMG 8205

IMG 8206


After the program we went to Andy’s ice cream with Jamey, Aubrey, and Landon!  

IMG 8212

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