Smak and Pre-Smak

During the 2nd week in June our kids attended the Summer Music Camps at our church!  This was Emma’s first time to attend the full week camp for 1st-6th graders.  She had a blast!  I taught in Foster’s 4 year old classroom and we had a great time together!

IMG 8199


Emma loved getting to be with her 1st grade friends… here she is with her good friend Mackenzie!

IMG 8128

IMG 8129

IMG 8131


Foster invited one of his best friends from Redeemer to come to Pre-Smak and we were so excited that he came!  

IMG 8134

IMG 8843

IMG 8847


Here is Emma walking into the camp on Day 2… I was so proud of her for being so confident and independent.  

IMG 8850


Here is Foster’s group waiting to practice on stage

IMG 8857

IMG 8876


Foster looks nervous!

IMG 8878


I had the privilege of working with Miss Janice and Miss Candace this year…we make a great time!  I just love watching Miss Janice with the kids- she is the “preschool whisperer!”

IMG 8886


Here I am teaching a lesson with rhythm sticks… thank you to my sweet friend Candace for taking this pic!

IMG 8896


I always cherish quality time with Foster… he soaks it up!

IMG 8899

IMG 8902

IMG 8906


The theme for Pre-Smak this year was “The Thank You Meal.”  We did this one 3 years ago and I loved the theme!  Here are the little chefs with aprons on!

IMG 8917


Just for kicks…. here are Emma and Mackenzie doing this same theme for Pre-Smak when they were 3 years old… sniff sniff! June 2010


and here are Mommy and Emma…


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