What have we been up to this summer?

It is already the first of July and I am just now getting around to blogging about our summer!  I can not believe the summer is almost half over already…. where has the time gone?  We had a very busy June!  What have we been up to?  We went to Arlington for Pops and Gigi’s Anniversary the first weekend of June, we have taken FOUR weeks of swim lessons, gone swimming, hung out with friends, attended Smak and Pre-Smak at our church, attended VBS at our church, and the list goes on.

Honestly though, some of my very favorite summer days are the ones where we just hang out at home… here are the kiddos one summer morning.  

IMG 8081


We also signed up for the library program at the first of June… honestly, we haven’t been back since that first visit!  I’m hoping we will have time to finish the program out during July.  My kids love going to the library.

IMG 8082

IMG 8086


One Saturday evening my Mom was gracious enough to take both Emma and Foster for the night so we were left with just little ‘ol Cash!  We had a Sunday School party that evening but after we picked up from childcare we decided to go to Target after his bedtime…. what a big deal for him!  We had a lot of fun just hanging out.  He thought it was so cool to have Mommy and Daddy all to himself. :)

IMG 8108


Foster learned about the game of Jenga at church this summer- he loves it!  We bought the game in mid-June and Foster loves to play.  Uncle Boom is in the background eating lunch. :)

IMG 8135


More hanging out at home…

IMG 8138


Swimming at Lifetime…

IMG 8183


Foster got a new bike in June!  He had outgrown his little bike and it was time for an upgrade.  Mommy took him to Walmart and after much thought and consideration he picked out this red rocket bike! 

IMG 8219


Hanging out on the back patio…

IMG 8220


Practicing bike riding

IMG 8244


Time for a water break!

IMG 8249


Swimming at Lifetime… Foster is scared of slipping on the wet floor so Emma always holds his hand- she is the best big sister!

IMG 8258


This is the waiting room at swim lessons… not the most ideal waiting room while corralling an 18 month old.  Thankfully, Nana helped take the kids to and from swim lessons 90% of the time!

IMG 8274


This was the first day that I attempted to take all 3 kids swimming… I met a friend there and we had a great time.  Cash is slightly scared of the water so we are working on that!

IMG 8440

IMG 8441

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