Dripping Springs

After visiting Granddad in Temple, TX on Saturday we followed Craig and Fallon to their house in Dripping Springs, TX.  We had not been to their church in 4 and a half years, when Lylah was a newborn.  They recently built a new house on some land and we had never seen it… we feel so awful that we hadn’t seen it yet!  

Sunday morning we all got to go to their church where Craig is the Pastor.  He did such a great job preaching!

Photo  51



The kids loved playing on their land.  They have a little kitty and a puppy and chickens! 

IMG 0084

IMG 0085

IMG 0089


Checking on the chickens…

IMG 0091

IMG 0093


We wish we could have stayed in Dripping Springs much longer but Robin had to be back for work on Sunday.  We left their house mid-afternoon and made one more stop to see Grandmom and Granddad and then of course we had to make a very quick pit-stop in Waco.  We let the kids get out of the car for 3 minutes to see the Bears at the Bear pit!  We will be back in Waco in about 3 weeks for the game opener! 

Photo 1


Photo 2


We got to see the new stadium from the highway- it is going to be unbelievable!

Photo 3


The trip pretty much wore the kids out!  I wish I could say that they slept like this the whole way, but they did not.  Cash was very tired of his carseat and I don’t blame him one bit!  We figured out that we drove over 1000 miles in 3 days! 

IMG 0096


Robin’s Granddad, Jay, has been pretty sick for the past several months.  Several hospitalizations, several bouts of pneumonia, and congestive heart failure complications.  We decided we really needed to go see him before school started!  The week before we went to see him was his best week in a long time and we were thrilled to see him sitting up and talking!  He even got to leave his skilled nursing facility for an afternoon to get to be with family at Alana’s house. 

IMG 0007

IMG 0009

IMG 0016

IMG 0020

IMG 0027

IMG 0033


Robin, his brother Craig, and sister Crystal got to have several good talks with Granddad.  

IMG 0043


It was so sweet to watch Grandmom helping him eat his ice cream and chocolate chip brownie.  She takes such good care of him! 

IMG 0052

IMG 0070

IMG 0077


The next day we were able to go visit Granddad again at his skilled nursing facility.  I’m sure we wore him out but it was great to see him smile so much when the kids did silly things.  



We love you Granddad and are praying for you daily! 

Swimming at Pops and Gigi’s

On August 8th we made a trip to Texas, mainly to see Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad.  Great Granddad has been sick the last several weeks and we wanted to make a trip to see him before school started.  To break up the trip we stopped in Arlington first and stayed with Pops and Gigi for a day. The kids LOVED getting to swim in their pool and hang out with Taryn and Zane!

IMG 0002

IMG 9863

IMG 9864

IMG 9870

IMG 9886

IMG 9890

IMG 9894

IMG 9900

IMG 9918


I love this sweet little picture of Cash…

IMG 9925

IMG 9926

IMG 9932

IMG 9935

IMG 9936


Cash has no fear when it comes to jumping in the pool!

IMG 9943

IMG 9956

Kiddie Park

We made our annual family trip to The Kiddie Park on August 2nd.  We officially have a tradition of going to Bartlesville on tax-free weekend to shop at the Gap Outlet, then we eat dinner at Frank and Lola’s (so yummy), and then we head to the Kiddie Park!  

This year we went with our family, Nana, Judy, Ron, and Christi.  We had a great time!  Every year I forget to get a family picture… maybe next year! 

IMG 9555


We had a bittersweet moment this year when we found out that Emma was TOO TALL to ride on a few of the rides.  She almost cried.  Foster had to ride this ride without her.  He looks ok

IMG 9561


IMG 9023


Next we rode the big cars.  This was Cash’s first ride at the Kiddie Park!

IMG 9573

IMG 9564

IMG 9577


IMG 9584




IMG 9575

IMG 9583


Next we rode the little cars… we thought this car fit Cash’s personality perfectly!

IMG 9035

IMG 9038



IMG 9605


IMG 9622

IMG 9612


Next up was my favorite, the boats!

IMG 9045


IMG 9046


IMG 9632

IMG 9646


IMG 9654


IMG 9662


Little airplanes…

IMG 9050


IMG 9667


IMG 9669

IMG 9670

IMG 9675


Daddy and Cash getting ready to ride the turtle roller coaster
IMG 9056


Cash riding the turtle roller coaster was by far my favorite memory from the night… he LOVED it… his face says it all!

IMG 9717


IMG 9719


IMG 9721

IMG 9724


IMG 9727

IMG 9728


IMG 9737

IMG 9739


We had to keep Cash in the stroller most of the night… if we let him walk, he just bolted.  We may have to get a leash for him. 

IMG 9772


Emma and Foster loved the pirate ship! 

IMG 9773


I’m not sure what Emma is laughing about here… funny!

IMG 9783

IMG 9784


IMG 9793


Snack time!  Cotton candy and snow cones!

IMG 9061


It is tradition for Judy and Ron to ride the tilt-a-whirl with the big kids.  They love it!

IMG 9814


IMG 9818

IMG 9819


Cash was a trooper… it was WAY past his bedtime at this point!

IMG 9846


Last ride of the night- Foster rode the airplanes!

IMG 9848



We had such a fun night… until next year!

Soccer Camp!

The last week of July Foster went to a soccer camp at Soccer City!  Foster is going to play soccer this fall so we thought it would be good to get in some practice before the season starts. :) He was lucky enough to have 2 good friends in his class, Nicolas from school and Brody from church!  

IMG 9005


Brody and Foster

IMG 9008


Emma was a supportive big sister and watched for 3 of the days. 

IMG 9001


Brody’s mom and I just about died when we saw this.  We thought Foster just had his arm around Brody.  Upon later investigation we found out that they were playing a game where you had to “connect” with someone.  Still pretty cute though.  

IMG 8975


Brody and Foster’s little brothers are about the same age… we weren’t sure they would be able to endure sitting through 3 hour camp so we got a babysitter for them for a few of the days.  On Friday when Braylen showed up, he and Cash were dressed exactly the same. :)  

IMG 9012


IMG 9015

Pops and Gigi Visit

On July 24-26th Pops and Gigi made an impromptu visit to see us!  

One evening while they were here we decided to go to Incredible Pizza.  There is SO much to do there, and lots of opportunities to spend $$$. :)  After eating dinner we hit the games.  

IMG 8900

IMG 8902

IMG 8912

IMG 8919


Foster has always wanted to ride go-carts and has never really had a chance.  He was so excited to ride with Pops.  Pops and Foster raced Emma and Daddy.  Emma and Daddy won! 

IMG 8924

IMG 8925

IMG 8929


After go-carts we played 9 holes of glow in the dark mini-golf!  

IMG 8937

IMG 8941


We couldn’t leave without doing 15 minutes in the trampoline park.  It was so fun to watch the kids have so much fun jumping and diving in the foam pit.  They slept very well that night! 

IMG 8944

IMG 8950


The next day Emma, Mommy, and Gigi had some girl time and Foster and Pops had some boy time.  Foster and Pops went to Bass Pro Shops together.  I know they had an awesome time.

The girls went to get pedicures and to the mall.  

IMG 8966

IMG 8965

IMG 8968

We had a great visit with Pops and Gigi! 

Branson Trip Part 2

Our 2nd full day in Branson was a very full day!  The resort where we stayed had a ton of fun things to do and we tried to take full advantage of all of the activities!  Our kids have never played tennis but have always wanted to play.  Robin used to play Tennis in high school and has wanted to teach the kids but just hasn’t had a chance… until now! 

This picture totally cracks me up.  Robin bought both of them tennis headbands before we left.  I found Foster’s sunglasses in the $1 bin, they look ridiculous on him.  

IMG 8766

IMG 8768


This was a very funny moment.  I was taking the above picture of Emma and Foster when Cash clearly felt left out because he walked right in front of them and turned around and smiled!  He wanted to be included too! 

IMG 8774


Tennis 101 with Daddy:

IMG 8781

IMG 8785


Cutest little ball boy ever…

IMG 8791


Even Nana got in on the tennis action.  

IMG 8787

IMG 8797IMG 8799


Boom really wanted to play a whole round of golf but we just weren’t sure we had time for Robin and Boom to spend a whole day doing that…so we settled on the driving range.  It truly was a beautiful course! 

IMG 8807

IMG 8811IMG 8813

IMG 8815

IMG 8820


After tennis and golf we went to Branson Landing for lunch at Cantina Laredo- it was so awesome!  After lunch we walked around in Branson Landing for a bit. 

IMG 8829


This fountain show every hour is so cool! 

IMG 8833


After resting that afternoon we decided to go play Miniature Golf at Dinosaur Canyon.  Our kids love to play mini golf.  This was a very busy place!

IMG 8838

IMG 8839

IMG 8840


Poor Cash, maybe you can play next year buddy!

IMG 8842

IMG 8845

IMG 8847

IMG 8854


After miniature golf we went right across the street to Cakes n Cream… what a cool place! 

IMG 8864

IMG 8857


This was the most sinful dessert ever: Funnel cake with ice cream and butterscotch syrup.  We devoured it. 

IMG 8862


The next morning we had to check out.  :( Time to go home.  We stopped by one of the resort play grounds to get some energy out before driving home.  Here are Nana and Boom swinging!

IMG 8882

IMG 8887

IMG 8891


Mommy with no make-up and looking very tired.  

IMG 8895

Branson Trip: Silver Dollar City

We took a small vacation to Branson with my Mom and Brother from July 14th-16th.  It was such a fun trip!  

My Mom rented a cabin for us near Silver Dollar City and it was just perfect.  The kids are already asking to go back!  

IMG 8878

IMG 8703

IMG 8872


On the first day that we got there we just hung out in the town and ate dinner at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner in the Grand Village.  The kids had no idea what to expect and Emma was absolutely mortified when one of the singers sat down next to her and sang right to her! After dinner we walked around the Grand Village and window shopped. 

IMG 8687

IMG 8689

IMG 8690

IMG 8692

IMG 8694


The next morning we woke up bright and early and went to Silver Dollar City.  Our kids had never been and the last time I went was when I was a little girl.  It has changed so much.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day- in the upper 70/s and 80’s.  

IMG 8706

IMG 8707


Riding the tea cups with Uncle Boom.   Boom spun our tea cup VERY fast… so fast in fact that Mommy blacked out at the end of the ride and it took me about an hour to recover. :(  I think I am getting old! 

IMG 8716

IMG 8719


Even Cash got to ride a few rides!  He was always a bit hesitant when the rides first started but he quickly started laughing and having fun! 

IMG 8723

IMG 8728

IMG 8745


Nana was such a trooper, she stayed with Cash most of the time.  I think the only rides she got to enjoy were the carousel and the train! Nana loves the carousel.  

IMG 8751


I love this picture from the log ride!  The kids loved this ride and wanted to ride it again and again.  

IMG 8761

We only spent 1 day at SDC so we tried to ride as much as we could in 1 day.  Several times the big kids (Me, Robin, and Brandon) split off and rode the big roller coasters.  We rode all of the big rides!  At the end of the day Emma and Foster rode the Powder Keg with us…. I’m not sure they knew what they were in for but the had a ball.  

We look forward to going back to SDC in the future, it was such a great day.  

Passing the Swim Test

I have a love-hate relationship with the swim test at LifeTime Fitness Center, where we swim each summer.  They have a rule that if you are under 12 years old you have to stay within 10 feet of your parents unless you have passed the swim test.  The swim test is a 25 meter swim the length of the pool without stopping, touching the wall, or standing up.  Every year we have encouraged Emma to try to take the test but she has been hesitant.  FINALLY, on July 11th with the encouragement of our sweet neighbors and good friends, Bridgette and Brylee, Emma took the test!  Brylee had passed her test weeks before and kept prodding Emma to try.  Emma said no about 50 times.  We had finished swimming for the day, gone to the car, loaded the car, and Emma said, “Mom, I’m ready to take the test.”  SO… I unloaded the 3 kids, put Cash back in the stroller and we walked back to the pool!  When Emma decides something, you just have to go with it!  She walked right up to the lifeguard desk and told them she was wanted to take the test.   She jumped in the pool without hesitation and swam the whole length without any problem.  In the meantime Mommy was crying.  In part because I was so proud of her, in part because I finally had 1 of 3 kids that I would not have to watch like a hawk in the pool!  

IMG 8636


IMG 8639


IMG 8640


The lifeguard, Rachel,  that watched Emma take the test was SO sweet.  God knew that we needed someone sweet and encouraging that day.  

IMG 8642


Emma and Brylee BOTH showing off their bracelets!

IMG 8644

IMG 8432


IMG 8433


Swimming with 3 kids is stressful, but totally worth it.  I love these 3 more than words could ever express. 

IMG 8440

Swim Lessons

This summer we really decided to focus on getting our kids swimming well.  Emma and Foster have both taken swim lessons every single summer since they were babies, but they still didn’t have confidence in the pool.  We have tried pretty much everything in the way of lessons: private, group, laid-back, firm.  A friend of mine recommended that I do a full 4 weeks of lessons, two back-to-back sessions.  She told me that with her kiddos they would just get the hang of swimming at the end of 2 weeks and then lessons were over. Makes sense.    We decided to give the 4 week lessons a try!  We also went to a new place where Emma and Foster could take lessons with good friends Aubrey and Landon.  The kids LOVED the lessons.  They looked forward to going every single day.  Let me just say we could NOT have done the 4 week lessons without Nana.  She took the kids to and from lessons, and sat in a hot locker room for 2 hours every day.  We did afternoon lessons so that we could still do Pre-Smak and VBS at church in the morning.  Cash naps every afternoon so it just would not have been possible for me to take them every day. Thank you thank you thank you Nana for investing so much time for our kids!  Robin and I got to go 2 Thursdays to observe what they had learned.

Here are Emma and Foster in the locker room before lessons one day.

IMG 8372

Emma, Aubrey, and Landon are in the middle right.  Foster was in a later class with younger kiddos.

IMG 8146

IMG 8929

Here are a couple of videos of the kids swimming.  Emma is first, Foster is second.


IMG 8937

Big brother Cash cheering his big brother and sister on!  He actually clapped each time they swam.

IMG 8377IMG 9107

IMG 9110

IMG 9112

IMG 9131


IMG 9170



IMG 9176

IMG 9178

IMG 9180

IMG 9189

IMG 9193