4th of July

I just love the 4th of July… it is truly one of my favorite holidays! 

This year on the 4th we had a very full day.   I had worked the night before until about 2 am so I was very sleepy but I pushed through and had a great day! 

We started the day by going swimming at my good friends’, The Miller’s, house.  I always love it when our whole family gets to swim together.  This was a break-through day for Cash in the water… for the entire month of June he acted very scared in the water but on the 4th of July he had a blast playing with Robin.  

IMG 8454

IMG 8459


After eating lunch and swimming we all came home to rest and hang out for a bit.  That evening we changed clothes and got ready to go to some friends’ house for a fun evening.  I didn’t take any pics with my camera while at the party but here are our traditional gazebo steps 4th of July pics of the kids.  

IMG 9272


IMG 9288


Family 4th of July pic!

IMG 8474

At the party we had some very yummy food and then shot off some little fireworks. This was the first time my kids have really gotten to do fireworks… which makes me sad because that was a very big deal for me when I was a little girl.  My Dad and I used to spend a fortune at the fireworks’ stand and then literally plan for days how we were going to shoot off the fireworks. 
We left the party a little bit early because Robin’s Sister, Brother-in-law and kiddos were driving in from Texas to spend the weekend with us.  We met them at our house and then quickly got in the car to go watch fireworks at the Jenks bridge! 
IMG 8476
IMG 8477
Talk about a very FULL, fun-filled day!  The kiddos slept very well that night! 

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