Branson Trip Part 2

Our 2nd full day in Branson was a very full day!  The resort where we stayed had a ton of fun things to do and we tried to take full advantage of all of the activities!  Our kids have never played tennis but have always wanted to play.  Robin used to play Tennis in high school and has wanted to teach the kids but just hasn’t had a chance… until now! 

This picture totally cracks me up.  Robin bought both of them tennis headbands before we left.  I found Foster’s sunglasses in the $1 bin, they look ridiculous on him.  

IMG 8766

IMG 8768


This was a very funny moment.  I was taking the above picture of Emma and Foster when Cash clearly felt left out because he walked right in front of them and turned around and smiled!  He wanted to be included too! 

IMG 8774


Tennis 101 with Daddy:

IMG 8781

IMG 8785


Cutest little ball boy ever…

IMG 8791


Even Nana got in on the tennis action.  

IMG 8787

IMG 8797IMG 8799


Boom really wanted to play a whole round of golf but we just weren’t sure we had time for Robin and Boom to spend a whole day doing that…so we settled on the driving range.  It truly was a beautiful course! 

IMG 8807

IMG 8811IMG 8813

IMG 8815

IMG 8820


After tennis and golf we went to Branson Landing for lunch at Cantina Laredo- it was so awesome!  After lunch we walked around in Branson Landing for a bit. 

IMG 8829


This fountain show every hour is so cool! 

IMG 8833


After resting that afternoon we decided to go play Miniature Golf at Dinosaur Canyon.  Our kids love to play mini golf.  This was a very busy place!

IMG 8838

IMG 8839

IMG 8840


Poor Cash, maybe you can play next year buddy!

IMG 8842

IMG 8845

IMG 8847

IMG 8854


After miniature golf we went right across the street to Cakes n Cream… what a cool place! 

IMG 8864

IMG 8857


This was the most sinful dessert ever: Funnel cake with ice cream and butterscotch syrup.  We devoured it. 

IMG 8862


The next morning we had to check out.  :( Time to go home.  We stopped by one of the resort play grounds to get some energy out before driving home.  Here are Nana and Boom swinging!

IMG 8882

IMG 8887

IMG 8891


Mommy with no make-up and looking very tired.  

IMG 8895

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