Branson Trip: Silver Dollar City

We took a small vacation to Branson with my Mom and Brother from July 14th-16th.  It was such a fun trip!  

My Mom rented a cabin for us near Silver Dollar City and it was just perfect.  The kids are already asking to go back!  

IMG 8878

IMG 8703

IMG 8872


On the first day that we got there we just hung out in the town and ate dinner at Mel’s Hard Luck Diner in the Grand Village.  The kids had no idea what to expect and Emma was absolutely mortified when one of the singers sat down next to her and sang right to her! After dinner we walked around the Grand Village and window shopped. 

IMG 8687

IMG 8689

IMG 8690

IMG 8692

IMG 8694


The next morning we woke up bright and early and went to Silver Dollar City.  Our kids had never been and the last time I went was when I was a little girl.  It has changed so much.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day- in the upper 70/s and 80’s.  

IMG 8706

IMG 8707


Riding the tea cups with Uncle Boom.   Boom spun our tea cup VERY fast… so fast in fact that Mommy blacked out at the end of the ride and it took me about an hour to recover. :(  I think I am getting old! 

IMG 8716

IMG 8719


Even Cash got to ride a few rides!  He was always a bit hesitant when the rides first started but he quickly started laughing and having fun! 

IMG 8723

IMG 8728

IMG 8745


Nana was such a trooper, she stayed with Cash most of the time.  I think the only rides she got to enjoy were the carousel and the train! Nana loves the carousel.  

IMG 8751


I love this picture from the log ride!  The kids loved this ride and wanted to ride it again and again.  

IMG 8761

We only spent 1 day at SDC so we tried to ride as much as we could in 1 day.  Several times the big kids (Me, Robin, and Brandon) split off and rode the big roller coasters.  We rode all of the big rides!  At the end of the day Emma and Foster rode the Powder Keg with us…. I’m not sure they knew what they were in for but the had a ball.  

We look forward to going back to SDC in the future, it was such a great day.  

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