Dripping Springs

After visiting Granddad in Temple, TX on Saturday we followed Craig and Fallon to their house in Dripping Springs, TX.  We had not been to their church in 4 and a half years, when Lylah was a newborn.  They recently built a new house on some land and we had never seen it… we feel so awful that we hadn’t seen it yet!  

Sunday morning we all got to go to their church where Craig is the Pastor.  He did such a great job preaching!

Photo  51



The kids loved playing on their land.  They have a little kitty and a puppy and chickens! 

IMG 0084

IMG 0085

IMG 0089


Checking on the chickens…

IMG 0091

IMG 0093


We wish we could have stayed in Dripping Springs much longer but Robin had to be back for work on Sunday.  We left their house mid-afternoon and made one more stop to see Grandmom and Granddad and then of course we had to make a very quick pit-stop in Waco.  We let the kids get out of the car for 3 minutes to see the Bears at the Bear pit!  We will be back in Waco in about 3 weeks for the game opener! 

Photo 1


Photo 2


We got to see the new stadium from the highway- it is going to be unbelievable!

Photo 3


The trip pretty much wore the kids out!  I wish I could say that they slept like this the whole way, but they did not.  Cash was very tired of his carseat and I don’t blame him one bit!  We figured out that we drove over 1000 miles in 3 days! 

IMG 0096

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