Father’s Day

Robin truly is the greatest father ever in my humble opinion.  Our kids absolutely adore him. 

This picture was taken after church on Father’s Day.  Each of the kids had made gifts for him during Sunday school and they are each displaying them in the picture.  Man, that is a full lap!

IMG 8229


IMG 8230


After church we ate lunch with my family at Brady Tavern.  It was such a yummy lunch.  Afterwards we tried to get a “normal” picture of Robin and the kids.  The following pictures are the best we could get!  Hilarious.  Cash is not very cooperative these days. 

IMG 8234

IMG 8235

IMG 8238

IMG 8239

IMG 8240

IMG 8241


After resting that evening we all hung out in the backyard that evening.  Overall it was just an awesome day.  

IMG 8220

IMG 8222

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