Fun with Cousins!

Tommy, Crystal, Zane, and Taryn came to visit us over the 4th of July weekend.  The kids were all so excited and had a blast playing with each other from sun-up to sun-down every day.  

Here they are swinging at 7:30 am Saturday morning.

IMG 8495


Cash and Taryn playing with chalk while the big kids played on the swings.  

IMG 8493


On Saturday afternoon we decided to go to The Children’s Museum.  I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids did!  

IMG 8503

IMG 8524


Have I said before that Cash has NO FEAR?  Well, he has NO FEAR.  He went through the entire tape tunnel without looking back one single time.  Emma, Foster, and Robin were always right behind or in front of him but he didn’t need any help.  He is such an independent little boy.  

IMG 8529

IMG 8532

IMG 8538

IMG 8539

IMG 8543

IMG 8544

IMG 8548

IMG 8546

IMG 9316


IMG 9320

IMG 9334


IMG 8552


IMG 9339


IMG 9341


Shadow wall

IMG 9348

IMG 8555

IMG 8559

IMG 8562

IMG 8564


IMG 9364


The kids had so much fun working in this make-shift construction zone.  They would have played there for hours if we had let them!

IMG 9392

IMG 9401

IMG 9413

IMG 9441

IMG 9474

IMG 9480

IMG 9489


After The Children’s Museum we went to eat lunch in downtown Tulsa at Joe Momma’s Pizza. 

IMG 8577

IMG 8581

IMG 8583


Watching them make pizza…

IMG 8584

IMG 8588


Saturday evening we did a few sparklers in our backyard to top off a great day. 

IMG 8599

IMG 8601


We had a great cousin visit and look forward to seeing them again in August! 

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