Robin’s Granddad, Jay, has been pretty sick for the past several months.  Several hospitalizations, several bouts of pneumonia, and congestive heart failure complications.  We decided we really needed to go see him before school started!  The week before we went to see him was his best week in a long time and we were thrilled to see him sitting up and talking!  He even got to leave his skilled nursing facility for an afternoon to get to be with family at Alana’s house. 

IMG 0007

IMG 0009

IMG 0016

IMG 0020

IMG 0027

IMG 0033


Robin, his brother Craig, and sister Crystal got to have several good talks with Granddad.  

IMG 0043


It was so sweet to watch Grandmom helping him eat his ice cream and chocolate chip brownie.  She takes such good care of him! 

IMG 0052

IMG 0070

IMG 0077


The next day we were able to go visit Granddad again at his skilled nursing facility.  I’m sure we wore him out but it was great to see him smile so much when the kids did silly things.  



We love you Granddad and are praying for you daily! 

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