Kiddie Park

We made our annual family trip to The Kiddie Park on August 2nd.  We officially have a tradition of going to Bartlesville on tax-free weekend to shop at the Gap Outlet, then we eat dinner at Frank and Lola’s (so yummy), and then we head to the Kiddie Park!  

This year we went with our family, Nana, Judy, Ron, and Christi.  We had a great time!  Every year I forget to get a family picture… maybe next year! 

IMG 9555


We had a bittersweet moment this year when we found out that Emma was TOO TALL to ride on a few of the rides.  She almost cried.  Foster had to ride this ride without her.  He looks ok

IMG 9561


IMG 9023


Next we rode the big cars.  This was Cash’s first ride at the Kiddie Park!

IMG 9573

IMG 9564

IMG 9577


IMG 9584




IMG 9575

IMG 9583


Next we rode the little cars… we thought this car fit Cash’s personality perfectly!

IMG 9035

IMG 9038



IMG 9605


IMG 9622

IMG 9612


Next up was my favorite, the boats!

IMG 9045


IMG 9046


IMG 9632

IMG 9646


IMG 9654


IMG 9662


Little airplanes…

IMG 9050


IMG 9667


IMG 9669

IMG 9670

IMG 9675


Daddy and Cash getting ready to ride the turtle roller coaster
IMG 9056


Cash riding the turtle roller coaster was by far my favorite memory from the night… he LOVED it… his face says it all!

IMG 9717


IMG 9719


IMG 9721

IMG 9724


IMG 9727

IMG 9728


IMG 9737

IMG 9739


We had to keep Cash in the stroller most of the night… if we let him walk, he just bolted.  We may have to get a leash for him. 

IMG 9772


Emma and Foster loved the pirate ship! 

IMG 9773


I’m not sure what Emma is laughing about here… funny!

IMG 9783

IMG 9784


IMG 9793


Snack time!  Cotton candy and snow cones!

IMG 9061


It is tradition for Judy and Ron to ride the tilt-a-whirl with the big kids.  They love it!

IMG 9814


IMG 9818

IMG 9819


Cash was a trooper… it was WAY past his bedtime at this point!

IMG 9846


Last ride of the night- Foster rode the airplanes!

IMG 9848



We had such a fun night… until next year!

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