Passing the Swim Test

I have a love-hate relationship with the swim test at LifeTime Fitness Center, where we swim each summer.  They have a rule that if you are under 12 years old you have to stay within 10 feet of your parents unless you have passed the swim test.  The swim test is a 25 meter swim the length of the pool without stopping, touching the wall, or standing up.  Every year we have encouraged Emma to try to take the test but she has been hesitant.  FINALLY, on July 11th with the encouragement of our sweet neighbors and good friends, Bridgette and Brylee, Emma took the test!  Brylee had passed her test weeks before and kept prodding Emma to try.  Emma said no about 50 times.  We had finished swimming for the day, gone to the car, loaded the car, and Emma said, “Mom, I’m ready to take the test.”  SO… I unloaded the 3 kids, put Cash back in the stroller and we walked back to the pool!  When Emma decides something, you just have to go with it!  She walked right up to the lifeguard desk and told them she was wanted to take the test.   She jumped in the pool without hesitation and swam the whole length without any problem.  In the meantime Mommy was crying.  In part because I was so proud of her, in part because I finally had 1 of 3 kids that I would not have to watch like a hawk in the pool!  

IMG 8636


IMG 8639


IMG 8640


The lifeguard, Rachel,  that watched Emma take the test was SO sweet.  God knew that we needed someone sweet and encouraging that day.  

IMG 8642


Emma and Brylee BOTH showing off their bracelets!

IMG 8644

IMG 8432


IMG 8433


Swimming with 3 kids is stressful, but totally worth it.  I love these 3 more than words could ever express. 

IMG 8440

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