Pops and Gigi Visit

On July 24-26th Pops and Gigi made an impromptu visit to see us!  

One evening while they were here we decided to go to Incredible Pizza.  There is SO much to do there, and lots of opportunities to spend $$$. :)  After eating dinner we hit the games.  

IMG 8900

IMG 8902

IMG 8912

IMG 8919


Foster has always wanted to ride go-carts and has never really had a chance.  He was so excited to ride with Pops.  Pops and Foster raced Emma and Daddy.  Emma and Daddy won! 

IMG 8924

IMG 8925

IMG 8929


After go-carts we played 9 holes of glow in the dark mini-golf!  

IMG 8937

IMG 8941


We couldn’t leave without doing 15 minutes in the trampoline park.  It was so fun to watch the kids have so much fun jumping and diving in the foam pit.  They slept very well that night! 

IMG 8944

IMG 8950


The next day Emma, Mommy, and Gigi had some girl time and Foster and Pops had some boy time.  Foster and Pops went to Bass Pro Shops together.  I know they had an awesome time.

The girls went to get pedicures and to the mall.  

IMG 8966

IMG 8965

IMG 8968

We had a great visit with Pops and Gigi! 

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