Soccer Camp!

The last week of July Foster went to a soccer camp at Soccer City!  Foster is going to play soccer this fall so we thought it would be good to get in some practice before the season starts. :) He was lucky enough to have 2 good friends in his class, Nicolas from school and Brody from church!  

IMG 9005


Brody and Foster

IMG 9008


Emma was a supportive big sister and watched for 3 of the days. 

IMG 9001


Brody’s mom and I just about died when we saw this.  We thought Foster just had his arm around Brody.  Upon later investigation we found out that they were playing a game where you had to “connect” with someone.  Still pretty cute though.  

IMG 8975


Brody and Foster’s little brothers are about the same age… we weren’t sure they would be able to endure sitting through 3 hour camp so we got a babysitter for them for a few of the days.  On Friday when Braylen showed up, he and Cash were dressed exactly the same. :)  

IMG 9012


IMG 9015

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