Swim Lessons

This summer we really decided to focus on getting our kids swimming well.  Emma and Foster have both taken swim lessons every single summer since they were babies, but they still didn’t have confidence in the pool.  We have tried pretty much everything in the way of lessons: private, group, laid-back, firm.  A friend of mine recommended that I do a full 4 weeks of lessons, two back-to-back sessions.  She told me that with her kiddos they would just get the hang of swimming at the end of 2 weeks and then lessons were over. Makes sense.    We decided to give the 4 week lessons a try!  We also went to a new place where Emma and Foster could take lessons with good friends Aubrey and Landon.  The kids LOVED the lessons.  They looked forward to going every single day.  Let me just say we could NOT have done the 4 week lessons without Nana.  She took the kids to and from lessons, and sat in a hot locker room for 2 hours every day.  We did afternoon lessons so that we could still do Pre-Smak and VBS at church in the morning.  Cash naps every afternoon so it just would not have been possible for me to take them every day. Thank you thank you thank you Nana for investing so much time for our kids!  Robin and I got to go 2 Thursdays to observe what they had learned.

Here are Emma and Foster in the locker room before lessons one day.

IMG 8372

Emma, Aubrey, and Landon are in the middle right.  Foster was in a later class with younger kiddos.

IMG 8146

IMG 8929

Here are a couple of videos of the kids swimming.  Emma is first, Foster is second.


IMG 8937

Big brother Cash cheering his big brother and sister on!  He actually clapped each time they swam.

IMG 8377IMG 9107

IMG 9110

IMG 9112

IMG 9131


IMG 9170



IMG 9176

IMG 9178

IMG 9180

IMG 9189

IMG 9193

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