Swimming at Pops and Gigi’s

On August 8th we made a trip to Texas, mainly to see Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad.  Great Granddad has been sick the last several weeks and we wanted to make a trip to see him before school started.  To break up the trip we stopped in Arlington first and stayed with Pops and Gigi for a day. The kids LOVED getting to swim in their pool and hang out with Taryn and Zane!

IMG 0002

IMG 9863

IMG 9864

IMG 9870

IMG 9886

IMG 9890

IMG 9894

IMG 9900

IMG 9918


I love this sweet little picture of Cash…

IMG 9925

IMG 9926

IMG 9932

IMG 9935

IMG 9936


Cash has no fear when it comes to jumping in the pool!

IMG 9943

IMG 9956

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