Visit from the Kreys

On June 20th our friends, the Kreys, came for a visit!  We had such a fun weekend!  The kids absolutely loved playing together.  It has been so fun to watch these kids grow up together!

Foster (4.5), Cash (1.5), Emma (7.5), Elliott (almost 8), Hazel (3.5), and Oliver (almost 8)

IMG 8308


If we are being honest, the REAL reason Conner and Kathy came to Tulsa was to go to an Avett Brothers concert with us. :)  When we found out the Avett Brothers were coming to Tulsa it was just a “no-brainer!” So, we got a babysitter for all of the kids and headed to the concert that Saturday night. We had a great dinner at El Guapo on the patio and then decided to take the trolley to the concert.  

IMG 8313


Funny story… 1 minute after we got on the trolley and started heading to the concert we realized we left the tickets in the car!  The troller driver stopped and waited for the guys to run to the car to get the tickets.  Everyone on the trolley was yelling/cheering at the guys as they ran back.  It was pretty funny.  

IMG 8310


This weekend also happened to be 2 days before our 14th Anniversary so we kind of considered this our celebration this year.  I am so thankful to be married to this awesome man. 

IMG 8319


Scott and Seth Avett

IMG 8324

IMG 8329


On the trolley on the way home…

IMG 8343


Conner and Kathy Krey are the forever kind of friends.  We are so grateful for their friendship.  

IMG 8346

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