Pumpkin Patch

Every year we make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with our good friends Aubrey and Landon.  The kids look forward it to it year- round!  We went to Carmichael’s again this year on a Sunday afternoon and it was crowded and muddy due to rain but we still had a great time.

This was Cash’s first time to really enjoy the pumpkin patch.  Last year he wasn’t nearly as mobile! 

IMG 0322

IMG 0323


Emma and Aubrey checking out the livestock

IMG 0324

IMG 0330




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Noname  4

IMG 0331

IMG 0332


IMG 9951


2 beautiful girls…

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IMG 0339

IMG 0348


We went on a short hayride… I love this picture of Cash all by his lonesome self! 

IMG 0352

IMG 0355



This picture cracks me up- you can tell that Foster is trying to move and get away and Aubrey is holding on to him!  She is like his 2nd big sister. 

IMG 0357


Aubrey and Emma rode a camel together! 

IMG 0362


I love this!!!

Noname  6

IMG 0368

Noname  2


Noname  7

We had such a fun evening- already looking forward to next year!!!

Little Strikers Fall 2014

This team has been so fun to watch! They have learned so much already and have improved each game.  Here are some team pictures that we took after last week’s game.  We only have 2 more games left for the season. :( 

From Top Left: Nicolas, Hudson, Lathan

From Bottom Left: Brody, Foster, John Parker


IMG 0283  1

IMG 0285  1


IMG 0287  1

IMG 0297  1

IMG 0306  1

IMG 0310  1

IMG 0316  1

IMG 0318  1

IMG 0320  1

Sibling Love

One of my greatest joys as a Mom is getting to watch the relationships between my 3 kids grow and develop.  These 3 kiddos love each other SOOO much.  Emma and Foster play with one another like best friends.  They also fight like best friends!  Just recently Emma and Foster have started including Cash in the mix and he LOVES playing with them.  You can tell that he so badly wants to be just like them.  Here are the 3 kiddos at our neighborhood block party a couple of weeks ago.  Each of them are showing their true colors in this picture!

IMG 9886


Ok, now this may seem weird to some but I am choosing to post it for memory’s sake.  Emma and Foster sleep in the same bed most nights.  For the longest time one would sneak out of their bed into the other bed and we finally decided it was just best to let them start in the same place!  Now typically, they have pajamas on every night.  On this particular night I was at work until late so Daddy did bedtime… and when daddy does bedtime sometimes pajamas are an after-thought!  I came home from work that night and found this.  I had to muffle my sniffling as I took these pictures.  Seriously, they love each other so much.  I know at some point we will probably have to break them of this habit! 

IMG 9832

IMG 9835


Foster and Cash at Target on a day that Foster had to stay home from school due to bad allergies.  They loved getting to hang out together that day! 

IMG 9855


I love this picture.  One afternoon I left Emma working on her homework at the kitchen table and when I returned I found this!!! Seriously, Cash wants to be just like her!  He was so serious, pretending to write.  He kept looking at her to copy her every move.  

IMG 9904

September iphone pics

Looking back over my iPhone pictures from the last couple of months makes me exhausted- we have been so busy!  Here are some of my favorite, or most memorable, moments from the last few weeks…

One evening Foster had fallen asleep on the couch at about 7:00pm and Cash went to sleep at 7:15 so me and Emma went on a girls’ trip to Target!  I love one-on-one time with each of the kiddos but girl time with Emma is especially special.  She is my only daughter and I just cherish our time together.  

IMG 9247


Now that Foster and Emma are both in school full day I have a lot more one-on-one time with Cash which I love.  He is such a fun kid, he makes me laugh constantly.  Here we are at Bentley park one Monday morning.  

IMG 9668


Cash at 21 months:

IMG 9671


We took advantage of “Back to School” night at Emma and Foster’s school to have a date night!  We had a 45 minute break between the two classes so we went for a quick Starbuck’s run!

IMG 9674


This guy is definitely a “Cool Little Dude!”

IMG 9701


Here is Emma before going to a birthday sleepover at her good friend Marissa’s house.  Marissa lives in our neighborhood Emma wasn’t too far away but I sure missed her!  

IMG 9706



The same night that Emma went to a sleepover Robin took Foster to the Jenks-Union football game at TU stadium.  I had the whole house to myself after Cash went to bed and it was GLORIOUS!  I think I paid bills or something really boring like that. :)IMG 9716


I LOVED getting to go to Foster’s school for “Cooking with Mom” on a Thursday afternoon.  Here is Foster with his good buddy, Henry.  

IMG 9733

IMG 9734


I took Cash to a Music class on a Friday morning and he absolutely loved it.  He is a music guy for sure.  

IMG 9736


We have had so many pretty weather days lately!  Here are Foster and Cash playing with chalk on the driveway.  

IMG 9762


The Car Show at our church was another huge success. Our family loves going every year.  I didn’t get very many pictures this year but here is one of Robin and Foster by one of Foster’s favorite cars.  

IMG 9767


Cash had a great time at the car show too! 
IMG 9771


Me and Emma got to go to our very first GA sleepover!  It was so fun!  We stayed up late painting nails and playing games.  We fell asleep snuggled together watching Frozen!  It was such a special night, one that I will never forget!  She did ditch me in the middle of the night to sleep next to her good friend, Bella.  I tried not to have my feeling hurt too much.  :)

IMG 9796


Crazy hair contest!  Emma’s group won the contest!

IMG 9805


Bella and Emma!

IMG 9810


Emma went to an adorable Birthday party at her good friend Mackenzie’s house.  They had an outdoor movie theater set up… it was so adorable and Emma had a great time! 

IMG 9817


One afternoon we had the Smith boys over for a little while and the boys had so much fun playing “real” football in the backyard!  2 sets of brothers, both around the same age.  SO cute!

IMG 9838


Not so cute… Cash has started throwing fits.  As in laying down on the floor throwing a fit.  Yes, we are nearing the TWOs!!!  It is still very tough for me to be mad at him though!!

IMG 9925


Last but not least, one of my favorite memories from the month was sitting on the back porch with Cash for about an hour watching the rain fall.  Here he is waving at the rain and saying over and over “Hi, Rain.”  

IMG 9955

Soccer season has begun

This year it was Foster’s turn to try out an extracurricular activity!  He has patiently watched Emma do dance and soccer for his whole life so he was so excited to finally have his turn!  We signed up to play soccer on a team with some friends from church and some friends from his previous school.  His very first game day was a very rainy day!  Here are the kids ready to go to the game!

IMG 9601

IMG 9604


As we quickly learned last year when Emma played soccer, they rarely cancel soccer due to rain!  You just have to tough it out… and own a good raincoat and umbrella!

Here are: Foster, Nicolas, and Lathan, best buddies from Redeemer Preschool! 

IMG 9607


Robin is the assistant coach and the head coaches are our good friends Paul and Krista Smith.  

IMG 9609


IMG 9616


IMG 9618

IMG 9621



GOOOO Little Strikers!

IMG 9623


Brody, Foster, and John Parker, all good friends from church!

IMG 9627


Robin was the “head coach” for 2 of the games during the season.  He did such a great job.  I was so proud of him!  There is nothing more attractive than watching your husband coach your son on a team.  :)  

IMG 9719


At this age level the coaches get to be on the field right with the players to help guide them. 

IMG 9722

IMG 9723

IMG 9724


This picture was taken during a very HOT 2:30 game.  The boys were all very red in the face and over-heated. :(

IMG 9743

IMG 9748

IMG 9752

IMG 9753

IMG 9756


I love this picture.  Several of the boys decided it was cooler if they laid on the ground where the soil was cool!

IMG 9757


This picture was taken after game 4, when Foster scored his very first GOAL!!!!  We were so proud of him and that smile stayed on his face for the remainder of the day. 

IMG 9816

IMG 9863


During game 5 this random lion mascot was making the rounds at the fields greeting the kids.  Foster loved meeting him but it sure was distracting during the game!  :)

IMG 9865

McClain Stadium: “The Inagural Game”

One of the most exciting events of 2014 was getting to go to Baylor for the first game in the new stadium!  We have the most amazing friends.. one couple gave us a free place to stay complete with friendship, food, and fun, and the other couple gave us 2 of their 4 tickets to the game!  We are forever grateful!

Before arriving to our friends’ house we had to make a very quick “pit stop” at the Baylor Bear PIT.  Our kids always ask about it so we had to stop by.  We also made a quick run through the Bookstore to grab a few souvenir items.  Here are the kiddos on a bench that I sat on many times during college. :)

IMG 9351


Bear pit!!

IMG 9355


We had to take care of some necessary business before going to Conner and Kathy’s house.  We promised Conner the last time that we were at their house that we would trade our OU license plate for a Baylor license plate.  We are such procrastinators.  

IMG 9358



IMG 9359


Here is a picture of all of the adults and 2 cute kiddos before the game!


IMG 9365


Our tickets to the game- a HUGE thank you to Scott and Jessica for letting us use these tickets!

IMG 9366


Walking to the new stadium was such a cool experience.  It was a long walk but we enjoyed every second of it… there is so much to look at!

IMG 9370


IMG 9374


Our crew: Robin, Jill, Kathy, Conner, Jessica, Scott, and Elliott

IMG 9376


Prior the game they unveiled the RGIII statue and RGIII was there in person for the dedication.  We were too far away to actually see him in person but we could hear him!

IMG 9389


IMG 9386


We had a really great view of all of the players walking across the bridge before the game- it was such a cool atmosphere.  The players were PUMPED!!

IMG 9396


Before the game they have “Sailgating” similar to “tailgating!”  Maybe someday we will own a cool boat like this one… wishful thinking!

IMG 9400


RGIII statue

IMG 9404


Here is a view from inside the stadium from one of the concession stands

IMG 9410


Here is a view of all of the people walking across the bridge to get the stadium!

IMG 9414


RGIII walking in to give the prayer before the game.  He is wearing a green velvet blazer and it was SOOOO HOT!

IMG 9421


Probably my favorite part of the day (and a surprise to me) was that we got to see George W Bush do the coin toss prior to the game!  He was so friendly and even hugged our bear mascot!  

IMG 9430


IMG 9433


IMG 9438


Our mascot

IMG 9444


A panoramic picture taken with my phone… the stadium is really amazing on the inside and outside.  The atmosphere during the game is just incredible! 

IMG 9447


This was such a fun day for me and Robin.  We always love being back on Baylor campus and we especially love spending quality time with our closest friends from college.  Sic ‘em Bears!

IMG 9515

Cash’s first day of Mother’s Day Out

Cash started Mother’s Day Out on August 28th!  All 3 of our kiddos have started a Mother’s Day Out program when they were around 20 months old and I think it has been a really good thing for them.  Cash loves going to “school!” I love it that he is making some friends of his own.  

IMG 0253  1


Here is Cash on his first day of Mother’s Day Out.  He has really attached himself to this dinosaur figure in recent days. :)

IMG 9325  1

IMG 0263  1


Here he is saying, “Ok Mom, stop taking pictures now.” 

IMG 0259


He can be such a ham!

IMG 0266


Here he is at school ready to go in his classroom. 

IMG 0268  1


Lastly, here is a collage of all 3 kiddos at around the same age on their first day of school… please disregard the text box above Emma’s head!

Pizap com14091881906521

Emma starts 2nd grade

I really can’t believe my first born baby is in 2nd grade! That is just wild.  

Emma started school on Tuesday, August 19th.  She is still in the Chinese Immersion program and is in a class with the same kiddos she has been with since Kindergarten.  We hope she has a wonderful year and learns a ton of new stuff!


IMG 0113  1

IMG 0122


Nana got Emma this cute new Very Bradley backpack.  Emma loves it!

IMG 0127


After I took Emma’s first day of school pictures I came in the house and started looking through all of her past first day of school pictures and just started bawling!  She is growing up so so fast.  I love this girl more than life.  The top left picture is her first day of Pre-K.  

IMG 9226

Foster starts Pre-Kindergarten

Foster started full day Pre-Kindergarten this year and I can say with complete confidence that he was ready!  Foster loves school, he loves learning, and he loves the routines.  He is so excited to be at the same school as his big sis!  Foster has the same teacher for Pre-K that Emma had in Pre-K and that has been the hugest blessing for us. 

Foster has to be dropped off at school earlier than Emma so that has been a big transition for us but Foster has done amazingly well.  We usually notice that by Friday night he is a pretty tired boy!  

Here is Foster on the day that we went to meet Mrs. Bradshaw before school started.


IMG 9195


Prior to the first real day of school Foster got to go for a “transition day” with just 4 other kiddos from his class.  They were only there for 2 hours.  They got a tour of their school and discussed the rules and procedures for Pre-K.  Here he is on transition day, August 20th.  

IMG 9235


And now for his first REAL full day of school… August 21st!

IMG 0198  1

IMG 0218  1


Proud big sister, Emma, with Foster

IMG 0239


And lastly, here is Foster on his first School Spirit day.  I can’t believe I know how have two little Jenks Trojans!!

IMG 9290


During the first week of school Foster had an assignment to make a banner to tell his classmates a little bit about himself.  Here is Foster with his banner.  

IMG 0272


We have known for a couple of years that Emma was going to need braces.  We were told 2 years ago by our Pediatric Dentist that Emma had a severe underbite and crossbite.  This summer we got a couple of opinions and all dentists agreed that Emma needed braces NOW to try to correct the problem in order to avoid jaw surgery later.  A  lot of people have been surprised that Emma got braces at such a young age. It is a relatively new practice and research shows that in extreme cases it is best to do two phases of braces, one when the child is young, and one when they are pre-adolescent.  I had braces for almost 3 full years when I was about 12 years old.  

Emma is such a trooper, she got her braces and expander put in the week before school started!  She is going to the same practice that I went to for braces about 20 years ago!   Here she is with just the brackets (no wire) on her upper teeth.  

IMG 9202


I apologize if this picture makes you queasy… This is Emma’s expander in the roof of her mouth!  We had to turn a key every night for three weeks to gradually expand her mouth!  It was not the most pleasant experience for her or for us.  We found that Daddy did the very best job at turning the key and Mommy did the best job at holding Emma’s hand and comforting her. :)  The expander will stay in for about 9 months.  

IMG 9320


Here is Emma on picture day at her school with her braces and wire.  She really has been a trooper.  There are several foods that she can’t eat right now but she understands this is a temporary inconvenience.  Ironically, several of her good friends have said that they want to get braces just like Emma.  Kids are so funny!

IMG 9782