We have known for a couple of years that Emma was going to need braces.  We were told 2 years ago by our Pediatric Dentist that Emma had a severe underbite and crossbite.  This summer we got a couple of opinions and all dentists agreed that Emma needed braces NOW to try to correct the problem in order to avoid jaw surgery later.  A  lot of people have been surprised that Emma got braces at such a young age. It is a relatively new practice and research shows that in extreme cases it is best to do two phases of braces, one when the child is young, and one when they are pre-adolescent.  I had braces for almost 3 full years when I was about 12 years old.  

Emma is such a trooper, she got her braces and expander put in the week before school started!  She is going to the same practice that I went to for braces about 20 years ago!   Here she is with just the brackets (no wire) on her upper teeth.  

IMG 9202


I apologize if this picture makes you queasy… This is Emma’s expander in the roof of her mouth!  We had to turn a key every night for three weeks to gradually expand her mouth!  It was not the most pleasant experience for her or for us.  We found that Daddy did the very best job at turning the key and Mommy did the best job at holding Emma’s hand and comforting her. :)  The expander will stay in for about 9 months.  

IMG 9320


Here is Emma on picture day at her school with her braces and wire.  She really has been a trooper.  There are several foods that she can’t eat right now but she understands this is a temporary inconvenience.  Ironically, several of her good friends have said that they want to get braces just like Emma.  Kids are so funny!

IMG 9782

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