Cash’s first day of Mother’s Day Out

Cash started Mother’s Day Out on August 28th!  All 3 of our kiddos have started a Mother’s Day Out program when they were around 20 months old and I think it has been a really good thing for them.  Cash loves going to “school!” I love it that he is making some friends of his own.  

IMG 0253  1


Here is Cash on his first day of Mother’s Day Out.  He has really attached himself to this dinosaur figure in recent days. :)

IMG 9325  1

IMG 0263  1


Here he is saying, “Ok Mom, stop taking pictures now.” 

IMG 0259


He can be such a ham!

IMG 0266


Here he is at school ready to go in his classroom. 

IMG 0268  1


Lastly, here is a collage of all 3 kiddos at around the same age on their first day of school… please disregard the text box above Emma’s head!

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