Emma starts 2nd grade

I really can’t believe my first born baby is in 2nd grade! That is just wild.  

Emma started school on Tuesday, August 19th.  She is still in the Chinese Immersion program and is in a class with the same kiddos she has been with since Kindergarten.  We hope she has a wonderful year and learns a ton of new stuff!


IMG 0113  1

IMG 0122


Nana got Emma this cute new Very Bradley backpack.  Emma loves it!

IMG 0127


After I took Emma’s first day of school pictures I came in the house and started looking through all of her past first day of school pictures and just started bawling!  She is growing up so so fast.  I love this girl more than life.  The top left picture is her first day of Pre-K.  

IMG 9226

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