Foster starts Pre-Kindergarten

Foster started full day Pre-Kindergarten this year and I can say with complete confidence that he was ready!  Foster loves school, he loves learning, and he loves the routines.  He is so excited to be at the same school as his big sis!  Foster has the same teacher for Pre-K that Emma had in Pre-K and that has been the hugest blessing for us. 

Foster has to be dropped off at school earlier than Emma so that has been a big transition for us but Foster has done amazingly well.  We usually notice that by Friday night he is a pretty tired boy!  

Here is Foster on the day that we went to meet Mrs. Bradshaw before school started.


IMG 9195


Prior to the first real day of school Foster got to go for a “transition day” with just 4 other kiddos from his class.  They were only there for 2 hours.  They got a tour of their school and discussed the rules and procedures for Pre-K.  Here he is on transition day, August 20th.  

IMG 9235


And now for his first REAL full day of school… August 21st!

IMG 0198  1

IMG 0218  1


Proud big sister, Emma, with Foster

IMG 0239


And lastly, here is Foster on his first School Spirit day.  I can’t believe I know how have two little Jenks Trojans!!

IMG 9290


During the first week of school Foster had an assignment to make a banner to tell his classmates a little bit about himself.  Here is Foster with his banner.  

IMG 0272

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