McClain Stadium: “The Inagural Game”

One of the most exciting events of 2014 was getting to go to Baylor for the first game in the new stadium!  We have the most amazing friends.. one couple gave us a free place to stay complete with friendship, food, and fun, and the other couple gave us 2 of their 4 tickets to the game!  We are forever grateful!

Before arriving to our friends’ house we had to make a very quick “pit stop” at the Baylor Bear PIT.  Our kids always ask about it so we had to stop by.  We also made a quick run through the Bookstore to grab a few souvenir items.  Here are the kiddos on a bench that I sat on many times during college. :)

IMG 9351


Bear pit!!

IMG 9355


We had to take care of some necessary business before going to Conner and Kathy’s house.  We promised Conner the last time that we were at their house that we would trade our OU license plate for a Baylor license plate.  We are such procrastinators.  

IMG 9358



IMG 9359


Here is a picture of all of the adults and 2 cute kiddos before the game!


IMG 9365


Our tickets to the game- a HUGE thank you to Scott and Jessica for letting us use these tickets!

IMG 9366


Walking to the new stadium was such a cool experience.  It was a long walk but we enjoyed every second of it… there is so much to look at!

IMG 9370


IMG 9374


Our crew: Robin, Jill, Kathy, Conner, Jessica, Scott, and Elliott

IMG 9376


Prior the game they unveiled the RGIII statue and RGIII was there in person for the dedication.  We were too far away to actually see him in person but we could hear him!

IMG 9389


IMG 9386


We had a really great view of all of the players walking across the bridge before the game- it was such a cool atmosphere.  The players were PUMPED!!

IMG 9396


Before the game they have “Sailgating” similar to “tailgating!”  Maybe someday we will own a cool boat like this one… wishful thinking!

IMG 9400


RGIII statue

IMG 9404


Here is a view from inside the stadium from one of the concession stands

IMG 9410


Here is a view of all of the people walking across the bridge to get the stadium!

IMG 9414


RGIII walking in to give the prayer before the game.  He is wearing a green velvet blazer and it was SOOOO HOT!

IMG 9421


Probably my favorite part of the day (and a surprise to me) was that we got to see George W Bush do the coin toss prior to the game!  He was so friendly and even hugged our bear mascot!  

IMG 9430


IMG 9433


IMG 9438


Our mascot

IMG 9444


A panoramic picture taken with my phone… the stadium is really amazing on the inside and outside.  The atmosphere during the game is just incredible! 

IMG 9447


This was such a fun day for me and Robin.  We always love being back on Baylor campus and we especially love spending quality time with our closest friends from college.  Sic ‘em Bears!

IMG 9515

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