Pumpkin Patch

Every year we make a trip to the Pumpkin Patch with our good friends Aubrey and Landon.  The kids look forward it to it year- round!  We went to Carmichael’s again this year on a Sunday afternoon and it was crowded and muddy due to rain but we still had a great time.

This was Cash’s first time to really enjoy the pumpkin patch.  Last year he wasn’t nearly as mobile! 

IMG 0322

IMG 0323


Emma and Aubrey checking out the livestock

IMG 0324

IMG 0330




Noname  3


Noname  4

IMG 0331

IMG 0332


IMG 9951


2 beautiful girls…

Noname  1

IMG 0339

IMG 0348


We went on a short hayride… I love this picture of Cash all by his lonesome self! 

IMG 0352

IMG 0355



This picture cracks me up- you can tell that Foster is trying to move and get away and Aubrey is holding on to him!  She is like his 2nd big sister. 

IMG 0357


Aubrey and Emma rode a camel together! 

IMG 0362


I love this!!!

Noname  6

IMG 0368

Noname  2


Noname  7

We had such a fun evening- already looking forward to next year!!!

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